Plan Your Marketing Efforts Around These Global Holidays in 2021

Don’t Miss These Global Holidays

People around the world celebrate different holidays at different times of the year based on their own cultures and histories. Countries around the world exchange presents throughout all seasons. These holidays allow additional opportunities to market to your customers. Here’s what you need to know about global holidays in 2021 so you can direct your efforts accordingly.

Lunar New Year

You don’t have to live in China to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This holiday is celebrated by giving gifts to children and young adults who are not yet married. In 2021, the Chinese New Year falls on February 12 and is celebrated for 11 days. The Chinese New Year celebration includes elaborate decorations that can showcase this year’s animal, the ox. Photo products such as peel & stick prints are great for this occasion as they work well for decor and temporary graphics.

Lunar New Year | JONDO

Valentine’s Day

This day of gift-giving, date nights, and love always falls on February 14. Make sure to supply your customers with Valentine’s Day gifts from JONDO. Framed canvas prints or framed paper prints of a couple’s special moments work especially well for this holiday.

Valentine's Day | JONDO

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a celebration of all the wonderful women in our lives (this also includes godmothers and those that act as our mothers). Mother’s Day is the perfect time to offer customers personalized pillows and to send heartfelt gifts to their loved ones. Make sure to take note of when other countries celebrate this holiday of gift giving so they know to come to you. Here are some examples of when various parts of the world will be celebrating mothers in 2021.

  • United Kingdom: March 14
  • Spain: May 2
  • United States, Canada, Germany, and Australia: May 9
  • Mexico: May 10

Mother's Day | JONDO

Father’s Day

Countries around the world celebrate this holiday on different days, so make sure to let your customers know that they can always rely on you for gifts such as custom mugs year round. Save these dates and target your marketing efforts to honor dads on their special day, globally.

  • UK, US, Canada, and Mexico: June 20
  • Spain: March 19
  • Australia: September 5

Father's Day | JONDO

Grandparents Day

Many countries set aside a day to spoil grandparents. Allow customers to create vibrant and memorable custom canvas prints that their grandparents would appreciate. Mark these dates on your calendar to make sure customers know they can find gifts for Grandparents Day from your business. 

  • Spain: July 26
  • Mexico: August 28
  • United States and Canada: September 12
  • United Kingdom: October 3
  • Australia: October 31

Prime Day

Prime Day has become a global holiday, celebrating all of the amazing deals Amazon Prime members have access to on a particular day of the year. The date of Prime Day is not announced until a few weeks before, but it is usually the first or second week of July. Originally just an Amazon opportunity for sales, other companies have joined the occasion to offer promotions during the same time period. Think of this as essentially a second Black Friday type event to market to your customer base.

Prime Day | JONDO


In 2021, this month-long Muslim observance lasts from Monday, April 12 to Tuesday, May 11, culminating in the festival of Eid al-Fitr, when children receive gifts. This year, this gift giving occasion runs from the evening of Wednesday, May 12 to the evening of Thursday, May 13.

Singles Day

Singles Day is a holiday that originated in China and will occur on Thursday, November 11 in 2021. This holiday started as a way to celebrate single bachelors and bachelorettes but has now become China’s largest shopping holiday as well as a large promotional event around the world. In fact, sales from Singles Day eclipses both of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales combined. Make sure you have all of the custom photo gifts your customers need when Singles Day 2021 rolls around.

Single's Day | JONDO


Also known as the “Festival of Lights,” Diwali is a Hindu and Sikh tradition. In 2021, it’s on November 4, and people who celebrate this holiday worldwide will exchange presents to reflect the joy of the occasion.


In 2021, the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah will extend from November 28 to December 6. Hanukkah (or Chanukah) is also known as the ‘Festival of Lights’ and is celebrated for eight nights and eight days. Offer your customers photo products such as personalized blankets for this holiday.

Hanukkah | JONDO

Christmas Season

The end of the year in terms of marketing usually starts with Black Friday (November 26 this year), which falls on the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. On the Monday immediately following this is Cyber Monday. Black Friday was traditionally an in-store experience but has since expanded greatly online as well. Cyber Monday is completely focused on e-commerce sales. These are some of the largest promotional days worldwide and kick off the Christmas shopping season as people shop for personalized photo gifts for families and loved ones. Christmas is the biggest gift-giving day of the year in most countries.

Christmas | JONDO


Birthdays may not be considered a holiday because everyone has one and celebrates it on a different day. However, birthdays are one of the most important celebrations of all! Birthdays happen year round, 365 days a year. By promoting birthday gifts to your customers, you are able to supply demand year round. Offering personalized banners and signs is a great way to help customers celebrate birthdays.

Birthdays | JONDO

Personalized Gifts for Global Holidays

A great way to prepare for 2021 is to mark your calendar with the dates of these worldwide celebrations, to help you time your marketing efforts throughout the year. eCommerce sales in particular have seen dramatic growth in recent years including 30% year over year in 2020. Strategic marketing around key events throughout the year will really help you be a part of that growth. At JONDO, we provide a variety of custom-printed products to businesses large and small. Contact us to learn how JONDO can help you and your customers find great personalized gifts for all their special occasions.

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