White Label vs. Premium Branding

What is the Difference Between White Label and Premium Branding?


An essential marketing strategy for e-commerce businesses is to provide an excellent printed product and fulfillment experience through proper branding. This customer experience allows you to establish your product in the marketplace with a distinct identity. Two popular methods used by digital retailers include premium branding and white label printing. Let’s look at the differences between the two and how JONDO can help you advance your brand through whichever means you choose.

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What is White Label Printing?

White label printing is ideal for products that may be sold by direct retailers or businesses selling under multiple private brands. White labeling uses generic packaging that reveals neither the seller nor the manufacturer. White labeling includes a packing slip with generic order information but omits pricing and manufacturer information. No logos are included. White labeling enables end-users to easily resell products if they desire.

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What is Premium Branding?

JONDO can help you stand out through four premium branding elements. First, box stickers applied to exterior packaging get recipients excited about the package that’s delivered to their door.

Second, a customizable insert card inside the package can be used many ways. One way is to thank the customer for their business or give them a coupon they can apply toward future purchases. Another option for the insert card is to highlight your company logo. Some customers also use the insert card as a seal of authenticity not unlike an artist’s autograph on a painting, creating an association between your name and your products.

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Third, a dedicated area on the back of canvas products allows brands to add their own logo or image on the product itself.

The fourth method of making your brand known through premium branding is an enclosed packing slip that recipients find when they open the box. Packing slips have a customizable front and back side. You can leverage packing slips to connect with customers by including important information, such as how to contact the seller. If you specialize in providing multi panel prints, educate your customers by providing directions on how to hang these. With a little planning and creativity, you can come up with a variety of ways to engage your audience while promoting your unique brand with custom prints.

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How JONDO Helps You Promote Brands and Products

While most print on demand companies charge e-retailers for white label printing and premium branding services, at JONDO, we provide these options at no additional cost.  This allows your business to direct your resources where they’re needed most. Contact a JONDO team member today for more information regarding our white label printing and premium branding services.

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