UPS Labor Negotiations 2023: Latest News

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UPS delivery truck parked on a street

What is the situation between the Teamsters union and the UPS Supply Chain?

In early July, contract negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters union stalled. The current contract expires at midnight on July 31, 2023, which means that a new agreement will need to be reached ahead of that time in order to prevent a UPS service disruption. As you may have read in the news, this situation presents the potential of UPS going on strike.

What happens if UPS goes on strike?

JONDO has examined the various factors surrounding the UPS labor negotiations, and, at this point, we do not believe a strike is imminent. However, as a responsible vendor for our customers, we have taken steps to prepare for the unlikely event of a UPS service disruption in order to minimize the impact to your business. In addition to staying in close contact with UPS leadership, our logistics experts are hard at work evaluating potential solutions. Sensaria looks forward to a speedy resolution between UPS and the Teamsters union.

You are a valued customer to us, and we will work through the current situation together as it develops. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your sales representative or account manager.

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