JONDO Global

Nine standardized facilities globally across five countries

Nine locations worldwide allow your customers to benefit from competitive delivery times via the global carriers we ship through. Our JONDO HD cloud based system automatically distributes production work to the standardized, regional factory that gives you the fastest delivery time and lowest freight cost. This allows you to benefit from global reach and expand your sales into international markets ideal for photo products.

Lean manufacturing operations allow us to maximize our production output efficiency. These global operating standards reduce waste in the assembly process while maintaining high levels of quality in the products we make. Through constant efforts to reduce and prevent mistakes during printing and manufacturing, we continually strive to Six Sigma standards. This set of standards ensures that our products consistently adhere to the standardized high levels of quality we require at all of our facilities.


What benefits does a global print-on-demand service offer?

A global print-on-demand service, like JONDO, offers customers a single point of connection to worldwide access for products and services. Our regional fulfillment model ensures that high quality products are produced and shipped closer to the customer, resulting in quicker delivery times and reduced shipping costs.

How does JONDO maintain consistent product quality across all locations?

We employ lean manufacturing operations, ensuring maximum production output efficiency while minimizing waste. Our commitment to Six Sigma standards guarantees that each product, regardless of the facility it originates from, meets our rigorous quality benchmarks. With our multiple facilities and commitment to quality, JONDO is among the top print-on-demand worldwide distributors.

Can I rely on JONDO to help expand my sales into European markets?

Absolutely! Our Spain fulfillment center serves the majority of EU countries. Whether you’re looking for canvas printing in Germany, dropshipping in France, or print-on-demand services in Italy, JONDO is well-equipped to fulfill your needs.

How does JONDO handle merchandise fulfillment for bulk orders?

Our extensive network of facilities ensures streamlined merchandise fulfillment, maintaining consistent product quality while efficiently catering to large order volumes. With our global fulfillment services, we are able to ship your merchandise internationally to multiple locations. In addition, we adhere to specific retailer requirements for bulk order fulfillment including but not limited to specialized labeling and palletizing.

Can you dropship internationally with JONDO's services?

Yes, you can! We specialize in international dropshipping. Our global dropshipping services ensure that products are directly shipped to your customers, reducing handling times and costs. Our global dropshipping services also include white label and custom branded packaging.

How does JONDO Australia support global fulfillment services?

JONDO’s facility in Melbourne, Australia, serves not only Australia but also New Zealand and other nearby South Pacific Islands. With the potential for rapid product expansion, it represents JONDO’s commitment to providing top-tier global print-on-demand services in the region.

What countries can JONDO ship orders to?

JONDO has production facilities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Australia which regionally fulfill print-on-demand orders worldwide. We ship to over 220 countries and territories. For a full list of countries we offer global dropshipping services in, please visit

Is there any JONDO branding on the packaging?

JONDO’s global dropshipping services include either white label branding or custom branding to fit the purposes of your specific brand as you market to your customers.

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