Order Desk is an order management app used by many JONDO customers that connects to your shopping cart, stores your print details, and automatically sends those details along with your orders to JONDO. Think of Order Desk as your assistant; once you tell it what to do, it'll start doing it for you, and it works fast. Learn more.

1. Sell Products

Set up and sell products in your shopping cart.

2. Add Print Details

Order Desk gets the order and adds print details to it.

3. Print & Ship

Order Desk sends the order to JONDO for fulfillment.

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Questions? We have answers.

What does Order Desk do?

Order Desk syncs your print details into your orders and automatically sends them to JONDO for fulfillment.

What print details?

For us to print your products, we need you to tell us the JONDO Product Code (not the JONDO SKU), give us a link to your artwork, and provide any other relevant details about the products. Order Desk saves these details for you and syncs them into your orders automatically.

Who do I get support from when dealing with the Order Desk + JONDO connection?

For questions about the Order Desk process, signup, syncing inventory and submitting orders ask Order Desk support. For questions about artwork specs, the fulfillment process, or JONDO-specific questions, the JONDO support team would love to help.

Quick Start Info

Shipping Types

Please speak to your JONDO sales representative for information on the shipping services available to you.

Status Updates

To receive order status updates and shipment notifications from JONDO through Order Desk, please ensure that the webhook feature has been enabled.


  • JONDO Product Code: 11 digit code
  • JONDO SKU: 7 digit code
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