AI Art Printing

AI art prints allow creatives to fully express their ideas through machine learning.

JONDO’s AI art printing services combined with AI image upscaling results in high quality prints for this new era of creative innovations.

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What are AI art prints?

An AI print is a piece of artwork printed from artwork that has been computationally generated using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. AI art is created through the use of machine learning algorithms that analyze and learn from large datasets of images, sounds, or other types of data, and use this knowledge to create new, unique artistic works.

How are AI art prints generated?

Text to image generators allow users to enter a text prompt such as “a group of penguins dancing on a beach” into the model. Text prompts are mapped onto a representational space and compared against existing captions and alt text to find related imagery. This then goes through a diffusion process that adds noise and reduces it, a form of recycling. The generator then reverse-engineers from these assets and maps an image to the original text prompt, thereby assembling something recognizable by the user.

In essence, the AI art generator sources imagery through machine learning and uses this raw content as building blocks to create something new. Four popular AI wall art generators include, DALL-E 2, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and DeepDream.

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Optimize Your Workflow

Using a wall art generator allows creators to focus more on what they do best: being creative. Whether used for prototyping, conceptualizing, or generating the final artwork, a wall art generator saves the creator invaluable time and allows for a greater body of work as a result. In fact, this new technology has already been used to generate graphic novels and create award winning pieces.

Can You Sell AI Generated Art?

Yes, you can sell AI generated art. Creatives can sell AI art in the form of AI canvas prints and other print on demand products on the same popular platforms where custom art has been sold. This includes top sites for print on demand businesses such as Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, and retail locations. AI art generators are simply another tool for creators to share new content with their audiences.

Artwork Without Limits

With the assistance of an AI art generator, creators move from the role of creating to directing. The types of pieces that are generated are limited only by the user’s creativity. This opens up a whole new world for art creation as it democratizes the process and allows truly unique ideas to manifest.

File Preparation & AI Image Upscaling

In order to create high quality AI art prints with sharp detail, it is important to work from a high resolution AI file for printing. A common shortcoming of wall art generators currently is that the output files tend to be low resolution and therefore not suitable for printing. The solution is to use an AI image upscaler. Similar to AI art generators, an AI image upscaler uses machine learning to computationally predict the needed pixels to fill an image as its resolution is increased. AI image upscaling results in a high resolution file without pixelation that can be used for printing. Two popular AI image upscalers are Topaz Gigapixel AI (desktop software) and Let’s Enhance (web software).

We are the solution AI art print fulfillment.

JONDO offers a strong portfolio of high quality printed products that will compliment your AI generated artwork. Our flexible integration options mean you can start printing with us right away while our regional, standardized print on demand facilities across the globe give you access to worldwide markets.

AI Art Printing FAQs

What types of products and services does JONDO have for AI art printing?

What are the best practices for formatting my AI print file?

Always make sure you are using the highest resolution file available. If you are starting with a low resolution file, it is best to use an AI upscaler such as Topaz Gigapixel AI or Let’s Enhance. AI image upscaling can help increase the resolution of your file intelligently to maintain the quality of the artwork.

At JONDO, we accept a DPI (dots per inch) range of 32-300 but recommend at least 150DPI as the best resolution for AI printing.

We recommend for ICC profiles to be embedded in the image file. Adobe RGB (1998) is best suited for artwork while sRGB IEC61966-2.1 is best suited for photography. In the absence of an ICC profile, U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 and sRGB IEC61966-2.1 will be referenced. If soft proofing, we recommend SWOP and sRGB for previewing.

Although JPEGs can be submitted in CMYK, we highly recommend saving JPEGs in the RGB color space or mode for best results. All files will be assessed in the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color space. If a JPEG is submitted in another color space, the RGB color profile for the image will be referenced.

Can I sell AI generated art?

AI generated art is similar to traditional art prints in that they can be sold on the same existing platforms where custom art has been sold. This includes Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, retail locations, and others. Additionally, to address the growing demand of AI art prints, some dedicated AI art marketplaces such as AI Art Shop are newly available destinations as well.

Be sure to check with the terms of use of the AI image generator you are using to make sure that you have commercial rights to the images you generate as the terms may vary from generator to generator.

Can I print my AI generated art in different sizes?

AI generated art prints can be printed in any number of sizes limited only by the resolution of the AI file for printing. As per our recommendations, 150DPI is a good guideline to follow as an indicator of how large a print can be based on the print file. Aspect ratio is another important consideration as cropping may be needed, which could impact the subject content of the AI art print.

How do you price AI art?

Art is a subjective medium, and AI generated art is no different. As with art, the value of an AI art print is dictated mainly by the demand attributed to it. If there is an audience for the AI art prints, then they can be sold at a price that reflects that demand.

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