Global standardized products made regionally at the facility closest to the end consumer.

Innovation is our passion and what drives us. We love to keep on top of the latest product trends and system developments to ensure your customers receive not only the best in quality and color, but first to market products.

Available rolled, stretched, and framed in gloss or matte finishes. 0.75 inch (19.05 mm) or 1.25 inch (31.75 mm) stretcher bar.

Available rolled or framed in fine art, metallic, & semi gloss finishes. Framed prints come with hanging wire and rubber bumpers.

Available in canvas, linen, & faux suede fabrics. Single or double sided edge to edge printing.

Premium quality sherpa and velveteen fleece blankets.

Clear acrylic with polished edges. 0.25 inch (6.35 mm) thick. Pre-installed 1.25 inch (31.75 mm) wood mounting on backside of print for hanging.

White coated aluminum in a satin finish. 0.0625 inch (1.59 mm) thick. Pre-installed 1.25 inch (31.75 mm) wood mounting on backside of print for hanging.

Finished with grommets. 13oz. matte vinyl.

Fluted polypropylene in smooth white finish with aluminum h-stake stand. 4mm (0.16 inches) thick.

Bright white, 7 mil, 100% polyester satin sheen. Use for temporary applications, graphics, and decals.

11oz. microwave & dishwasher safe ceramic white mug.

Detailed product information is available by request.

Print On Demand FAQs

What qualifies JONDO as an eco friendly print on demand supplier?

JONDO’s sustainable print on demand model is established through our global, standardized, regional facilities that help reduce unnecessary transit of products across vast distances– effectively reducing the use of resources and transportation emissions on a global scale. Additionally, JONDO’s supply chain incorporates environmentally conscious materials such as water based latex inks, sustainable wood, and eco friendly packaging, supplying print on demand home decor that is made from quality resources. This combination allows for an eco friendly print on demand model, better for the environment without sacrificing the quality of our services.

What is print on demand drop shipping?

Personalization of products continues to drive consumer sales. The most effective method to provide personalization is through photo print on demand services and print on demand drop shipping. This method of print fulfillment allows ecommerce merchants to connect with JONDO for reliable and convenient order fulfillment.

Why should businesses use print on demand services (POD Printing) for wall art?

Print on demand commercial quality printing offers many benefits including the following:

  • No inventory to be stored in warehouses
  • Upfront payment from consumers before order fulfillment
  • The consumer has flexible options to choose the exact size and image to fit within their space

What are popular materials for wall art?

Print On Demand Canvas Prints are a classic choice for creating exquisite color and detail within your images, perfect for custom home decor. Canvas prints are also a cost-efficient, and durable choice with endless customization options. As an added benefit, JONDO’s use of UL Certified GREENGUARD GOLD Inks to help achieve our goal of eco friendly print on demand.

Print On Demand Acrylic Prints are created using a direct-print method, requiring less time with fewer waste materials generated during the print process, which results in a visually stunning, premium product, while still promoting sustainable print on demand.

Print On Demand Metal Prints are frameless, scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and durable. The matte finish on JONDO’s metal prints enhances image quality and display potential.

Print On Demand Paper Prints are a fantastic way for businesses or customers to accent their spaces, offering an outstanding level of image quality and detail within the prints. Paper prints are available both rolled and framed.

How can photographers benefit from JONDO’s photo print on demand services?

Running your own photography business demands your full attention. JONDO’s photo print on demand services provide photographers with the peace of mind that their prints are created with the same attention to detail that they bring to their craft. Photographers can rest assured that the print products delivered to their clients will be of the highest quality, with consistent results every time.

What types of products are available for print on demand home decor?

JONDO is the industry leader for all of your personalized home decor needs with photo print on demand services. We provide both consumers and businesses with high-quality custom home decor products that are certain to turn heads and stand the test of time. Our commitment to quality materials and professional print-on-demand practices sets JONDO apart from the pack. Our personalized home decor lineup includes:

Print On Demand Blankets: Crafted from premium materials, this personalized home decor option will wow your customers with its detailed printing and vibrant textiles. Custom blankets from JONDO are available in premium sherpa and plush fleece options in multiple sizes.

Print On Demand Pillows: An incredible way to expand your existing product offering, this print-on-demand home decor option is a great choice for boosting your product offerings and adding custom flair to your interior spaces. Personalized pillows are available in a multitude of sizes across 3 substrates: faux suede, linen, and canvas.

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