Integration solutions for customers of all sizes

At JONDO, we provide print-on-demand API and integration solutions suitable for businesses of all scales, ensuring a seamless ecommerce automation experience. Choose from: JONDO GO, an easy to use ordering portal; Order Desk, an order management app; and OnePoint™, an all-in-one API solution from Sensaria + JONDO.

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Integration in a Few Easy Steps

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Our team works with you to choose the best ecommerce order fulfillment software integration option for your business.


Order Desk & API connections are established by your team with assistance from JONDO while JONDO GO users can start ordering right away.

Test & Launch

Test orders are submitted and verified before we switch your account to live. You’re now ready for orders!

OnePoint™ API – Making Automated Order Fulfillment Accessible

OnePoint™ provides automated order fulfillment solutions for businesses that require a full software integration. We will guide you through the connectivity process with our dedicated API portal, documentation, and technical support to seamlessly connect your platform with our ecommerce automation software.

For our growing and larger customers, our OnePoint™ API integration and platform is the ideal method for automating the processing of orders. Learn more about OnePoint™.

What is an API?

API, or Application Programming Interface is a software intermediary that allows for the communication between two systems. In this case, an API acts as the messenger between you, and the services that JONDO can provide – such as print on demand, globally standardized products, and bulk order fulfillment.

Is an API right for your business?

JONDO recommends the utilization of APIs for growing, or larger customers who will benefit from the automation of certain functionalities of their business. APIs create solutions to complex communication problems – creating better customer experiences, easing the integration process across complex systems, automating tasks, and improving services.

Integrating to JONDO’s API

By utilizing an API, you ensure that your business’ data systems language is translated effectively to JONDO, and back. When working with highly detail oriented assets like image data and file sizes, it is paramount that these details are translated accurately across platforms. Integration of JONDO’s sophisticated API system ensures this accurate translation, and quality results every time, even on a global scale.

White Label & Premium Branding

All orders are white label dropshipped with the option to fully brand according to your requirements. Customizable branding assets include packing slips, card inserts, and packaging stickers.

White Label Products & Premium Branding Services

JONDO understands the importance of customizability when it comes to establishing your brand. Both our white label and premium branding services can provide your business with the customizability necessary to effectively establish your brand and create a lasting impression upon your customers.

While typical print on demand companies charge ecommerce businesses an additional fee for white label printing or premium branding services, JONDO is committed to helping your business grow by offering these services at no additional cost to you.

Establishing Your Brand Identity

Your visuals, typography, logo, colors and design style are the essence of your branding strategy. At JONDO, we take care of the quality of the print on demand products produced and allow you to focus on bringing your brand’s personality and creative vision to life. We understand that your brand identity carries through in the details of your products as well as the packaging — which is why JONDO’s services are perfect for e-commerce brands, print on demand platforms, retailers, and creative professionals by offering automated dropshipping and automated order fulfillment services that truly resonate with your brand.

Get started with a print on demand integration


What services does JONDO integrate with?

JONDO integrates with direct APIs along with additional ecommerce storefronts via OrderDesk such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Wayfair, Amazon, Etsy, Overstock, Squarespace, Wix, and more.

How does JONDO’s print-on-demand API enhance my ecommerce order fulfillment process?

JONDO’s print -on-demand API acts as a bridge, enabling your e-commerce platform to communicate seamlessly with our order fulfillment software. This ensures that all orders are processed, printed, and shipped with minimal manual input, automating your ecommerce order fulfillment process and ensuring efficient and reliable delivery to your customers.

Can JONDO integrate with my fulfillment software for small business?

Absolutely! We offer a variety of order fulfillment software options, that are designed to be scalable, meaning it’s perfectly suited for small businesses to large enterprises. Small businesses, in particular, can benefit from automated order fulfillment, reducing manual workload and ensuring a streamlined, professional order process for every customer.

What support does JONDO offer for dropshipping API integration and setup?

JONDO offers comprehensive support for dropshipping API integration. Our dedicated API portal provides detailed documentation to guide your setup process, and our technical support team is always available to assist you with integration, ensuring a seamless connection between your e-commerce store and our automated dropshipping services.

How can JONDO's API help in automating print-on-demand processes for my e-commerce business?

Integrating with JONDO’s API enables your e-commerce business to automate various aspects of the print-on-demand process, from order submission to production and fulfillment. This automated order fulfillment means that when your customer places an order, it is automatically sent to JONDO. It gets printed, packed, and shipped, all while maintaining your branding.

Is JONDO’s order fulfillment software scalable for growing e-commerce businesses?

Yes. JONDO’s order fulfillment software is designed to scale with your business. Whether you’re a startup or a growing brand, our solutions, from JONDO GO to our robust API, are built to handle ecommerce order fulfillment needs at every level, ensuring consistency in product quality and delivery times.

What are the white-label and premium branding options available with JONDO?

JONDO’s print-on-demand software allows all orders to be white-label fulfilled, with the option to utilize premium branding services. This means you can customize packing slips, card inserts, and packaging stickers to align with your brand, ensuring a consistent and personalized customer experience.

What features are available in JONDO’s print-on-demand software solutions?

JONDO’s dropshipping API integration offers customers a comprehensive portal where they have access to self-service features such as order status, order tracking, filtered searches, order history, product catalog, pricing, image specs, API sample tool, API status update log, and more.

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