A look inside JONDO’s production facilities

JONDO offers local and regional printing facilities to make sure your product gets to where it needs to go with as little carbon emissions as possible. Here are some of the highlights of our facilities:


Our Melbourne facility is an 18,000 square foot facility that fulfills for Australia, New Zealand, and other nearby South Pacific Islands.


JONDO has two printing facilities in Canada – Vancouver and Toronto. The Vancouver facility is 32,000 square feet and supports fulfillment in Western Canada. The Toronto facility is 26,000 square feet and provides service to Eastern Canada.


Based out of an 18,000 square foot facility, the JONDO Mexico City location provides services throughout Latin America.


A 41,000 square foot facility in Barcelona, Spain provides printed products to all of Southern Europe.

United Kingdom

With a 36,000 square foot facility, London is the home to JONDO’s hub for all of the United Kingdom, Southern Ireland, and Northern Europe.

United States

JONDO has four facilities located in the United States. The Los Angeles facility is 47,000 square feet and provides products to Southern California. JONDO’s 40,000 square foot facility in Atlanta services the Eastern United States. The San Francisco facility boasts 59,000 square feet and serves most midwest customers. Serving the central United States is JONDO’s facility located in Dallas, Texas and boasts 77,000 square feet.

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