Brexit FAQ

What does Brexit mean for selling in UK?

Whilst the trading regulations have changed when UK manufactured goods are exported into the EU, it is business as usual for UK domestic businesses. Brexit has not affected the domestic market in UK whatsoever.

So, if you are trading with a UK based manufacturer to support your UK based consumer, rest assured, nothing has changed.

Will my orders require a CN22 or any other type of customs declaration?

No, if you are shipping to a UK domestic address you will not require any customs declaration.

Will Brexit affect my delivery?

All UK orders will be unaffected by any new EU regulations in-light of the Brexit decisions.

Will Brexit affect transit times?

No, our JONDO Global customers will still be able to enjoy fast fulfilment times.

Will my JONDO pricing change?

No, our JONDO Global customers can still enjoy market leading pricing.

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