What is JONDO GO?

JONDO GO is an online ordering portal exclusively available to JONDO's emerging businesses. Perfect for small to medium size companies who require quick and easy access to our full print on demand product catalog, JONDO GO is the fastest way to get started working with us.
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We provide quick and easy ordering with worldwide shipping. Our goal with JONDO GO is to empower customers of all sizes with the ability to reach new global markets by utilizing our standardized global print fulfillment facilities. Your products can be ordered and sent to nearly any consumer in the world.

Simple & Intuitive Online Ordering Portal

A workflow that compliments your business operations. JONDO GO offers the full JONDO product catalog with no fees or ongoing subscriptions. Payments can be easily completed with a credit card or via Paypal. We offer white label print on demand services in addition to custom branding that includes customizable packing slips, card inserts, and packaging stickers.

A quick overview of all the features JONDO GO has to offer.

Questions? We have answers.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy. Customers who want to use JONDO GO to expand their print fulfillment services can get started by completing a quick fulfillment inquiry form. Once this form is complete, our team will review the request to ensure our services and your needs align.

How much does JONDO GO cost?

There are no subscription costs to using JONDO GO.

Can I see product pricing?

For questions about specific product pricing, please contact us.

What type of business is best suited for JONDO GO?

JONDO GO was built for creative professionals and small businesses. It offers customers the full JONDO product catalog without the need for a more advanced web integration. Customers can easily reorder products from previous purchases, which is perfect for companies that have repeat orders with the same products.

Do you offer templates for products?

Print-ready template files are available on JONDO GO for our most common and popular products/sizes. Template files are set up at 300DPI* for ease of use, but JONDO can accept any DPI between 32-300.

Do you offer premium branding?

Professional options include premium branding elements and white labeling, meaning your customers see your brand only. We recommend reviewing our Premium Branding Templates, which include a packing slip, packaging sticker, and insert card. These templates can be found under the Resources section of JONDO GO.

Does JONDO GO offer product shots for use on my storefront?

JONDO provides product image assets for use in your marketing and business operations. Note that the type of image asset(s) available will vary depending on the product.

How long does it take to create an order?

Order creation is quick and simple. Using our standard product builder, your product can be created in just a few steps. Choose your product, upload your image, make product selections such as quantity, and add to cart. For quickly working with multiple products, JONDO GO also offers Quick Order. Using Quick Order, you can create products using an intuitive drag and drop builder to set up multiple items easily before adding all of them to cart.

Can I send bulk orders?

JONDO GO offers a Bulk Order feature that allows more technical users to create a batch of orders from an imported csv file. As this process is purely data driven, it is intended for users who are comfortable working in that format and who require a need to batch upload many orders at once. If this solution fits your business, please contact JONDO for an invitation to use this feature.

Does JONDO GO integrate with my storefront for automatic fulfillment?

JONDO GO is a manual ordering portal and does not integrate with any storefronts (Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, etc…) at this time.

Does JONDO GO offer volume discounts?

Yes. If placing more than 500+ monthly orders, please contact support@jondo.com to discuss available rate discounts.

Can I use my resale certificate?

Resale certificates can be added to your JONDO GO account. We also offer the ability to add your tax information directly to your JONDO GO account, which will be reflected on invoices.

Ready to GO? Contact us to get set up.

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