Print On Demand Blankets

Give your customers the opportunity to purchase print on demand blankets.

JONDO provides the highest quality custom fleece blankets and custom sherpa blankets for your customers by using premium materials and textiles, ensuring your customers will be more than satisfied.

Utilizing JONDO for your custom blanket printing needs will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business, like marketing and design. Custom fleece and sherpa blankets from JONDO are a great way to expand your product offering with the confidence of the high quality synonymous with the JONDO name.

JONDO’s Custom Blanket Printing Experience

JONDO’s journey into textiles began in 2015 with the introduction of custom throw pillows. Many of JONDO’s customers have expanded into home decor products, and in response to this growing market segment, JONDO has continued to develop additional products.

In the second half of 2020, we launched our new blanket textile products: custom sherpa blankets and custom fleece blankets.

2 Types of Fabrics

Custom Sherpa Blankets

Custom sherpa blankets are perfect for customers to add as home or office decor or to send as a gift. The smooth knit printed front allows for excellent image quality while the poly sherpa back allows for maximum comfort. Custom sherpa blankets are 100% polyester with rounded corners and stitched edges for a high quality product. These premium quality sherpa blankets help keep your customers warm and comfortable.

Custom Fleece Blankets

Our custom fleece blankets are great for customers to display large photos and images. These mink velveteen fleece blankets incorporate JONDO’s signature high quality custom blanket printing and saturated colors with an unparalleled level of comfort. As compared to sherpa blankets, fleece blankets are a lighter weight option. Custom fleece blankets have one-sided printing with straight corners.

Which JONDO Global facilities offer custom blanket printing?

JONDO is a global print fulfillment company, and we have nine facilities around the world. We offer personalized blanket printing services at the following locations:

Canada (Toronto)
United Kingdom (London)
United States (San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta)

How do I add print on demand blankets to my product catalog?

JONDO offers many integration options including our dedicated API integration for larger customers or through Order Desk for mid-size customers. For small businesses or emerging customers, our JONDO GO order portal is the fastest way to start working with us without the need for an integration. These fulfillment options ensure that businesses of all sizes can work with JONDO easily. They all include the ability for white label canvas printing. Interested in adding print on demand blankets to your product line? Contact us so we can put you in touch with a JONDO team member.

Detailed product information is available by request.

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