Custom Paper Printing

Add print-on-demand paper prints to your product catalog.

JONDO has over 3 decades of experience working with companies of various sizes to provide the highest quality custom paper printing services to customers since our inception. We use only the best sustainable materials for all custom paper prints to maintain our high quality standards.

Want to reach more customers with JONDO’s paper printing services? We will handle all production with a variety of integration solutions customized to fit every business so you can focus on other aspects of your brand, like marketing and customer service.

Why choose to print custom art prints
on paper versus other materials?

Print-on-demand paper prints are a great way for your customers to accent their space. Whether in black and white or full color, they offer excellent image clarity and print detail.

Paper prints in different substrates give customers the versatility to put their own personal touch on art or photography. JONDO offers paper wall prints in a variety of sizes.

Different Types of Paper for Printing

Semi-Gloss Paper

Semi-gloss paper prints are a bright, white photo type of paper with a satin finish and medium weight. Semi-gloss paper printing provides similar results to what one would consider a traditional photo print and offers sharp photographic reproduction and color fidelity. These print-on-demand wall art prints are JONDO’s most popular paper offering as they are very versatile for all types of images.

Fine Art Paper

Fine art paper prints have a soft textured surface with a matte appearance. It is the thickest-weight paper that JONDO offers. Fine art paper printing services are ideal for customers who are looking for gallery quality in their artwork. Print-on-demand wall art prints in our fine art substrate are excellent for reproducing traditional or digital art content as the texture really captures the appearance of an original work.

Framed Paper Prints

Semi-gloss paper & fine art paper prints are available framed in real wood frames with a matte finish in black or white. JONDO’s framed prints have shatterproof plexiglass, reinforcing our high-quality paper for art prints. They come with a paper backing, wire hanger, and rubber bumpers. Framing paper prints offers your customers a professional finish-ready option to elevate any space.

Matte Paper / Economy Framing

Matte paper prints are bright, white paper with a matte finish. It is a lighter-weight paper than fine art paper. Matte paper is optimized for artwork and can be suitable for photography in scenarios where a less glossy appearance is preferred. This sustainable paper printing is an alternative to our flagship fine art paper.

Matte custom paper prints are available with economy framing which includes a real wood 1″ frame in a matte finish in black, white, or brown with a shatterproof, thin plexi glass and fluted cardboard backing. Economy-framed custom paper prints are also ready to hang with a pre-installed sawtooth hanger and rubber bumpers.

Which JONDO Global facilities offer custom paper printing services?

JONDO is a global print fulfillment company, and we have nine facilities around the world offering custom prints on paper. We offer personalized paper printing services at the following locations:

Australia (Melbourne)
Canada (Vancouver, Toronto)
Spain (Barcelona)
United Kingdom (London)
United States (San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta)

How do I add paper prints to my product catalog?

JONDO offers many integration options including our dedicated API integration for larger customers or through Order Desk for mid-size customers. For small businesses or emerging customers, our JONDO GO order portal is the fastest way to start working with us without the need for an integration. These fulfillment options ensure that businesses of all sizes can work with JONDO easily. They all include the ability for white label canvas printing. Interested in adding paper prints to your product line? Contact us so we can put you in touch with a JONDO team member.

Detailed product information is available by request.

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