5 Reasons to Choose JONDO for Print On Demand Fulfillment

Print on Demand Fulfillment by JONDO


When you are looking for exceptional on-demand printing for your business, you should consider JONDO because of our commitment to quality products and unparalleled customer service. JONDO has extensive experience working with businesses to scale production based on their needs. We began as a fine art reproduction printer, operating out of a garage. Thirty years later, we’ve evolved to become the premier global print fulfillment company in the print on demand market. We’ve enjoyed success because we strive to help our customers scale as efficiently as possible without compromising product quality. Consider these 5 reasons why JONDO is a smart choice for your print fulfillment needs:

1. Global Reach

With 10 sites worldwide and more on the way, we lower shipping costs by providing print on demand fulfillment at the closest location to your customers– allowing you to tap into international markets without significant investment. Because we use the same standardized processes at each printing facility, you can expect the same high-quality prints every time, at any location.

2. Business-Centered

Our well-defined processes enable us to operate at a reduced cost, so you can pass those savings onto your customers. Our automated platform makes placing orders incredibly easy. We partner with you not only to meet your immediate needs but also to help you grow your business long-term. When you need to increase your offerings, JONDO will work with you to expand that capability.

3. Green Printing

At JONDO, we are dedicated to protecting the communities where we live and work. We create our custom printed products with water-based inks, and our ability to print on demand at multiple sites reduces shipping distances– both of which minimize our carbon footprint.

4. Personal Relationships

An integral part of our philosophy centers around forming personal relationships with our customers. When they succeed, we do, too. Because of our commitment to integrity, our customers know they can trust us. Providing peace of mind to our customers through quality services and products is something we continually strive for.

5. Fine Art Background

Because we have a deep understanding of best practices in print on demand fulfillment and fine art production, we are constantly innovating to improve our manufacturing processes and product offerings to provide the highest quality prints possible.

At JONDO, exceptional customer service is one of our top priorities because your success is our success. Standardized printing facilities worldwide allow us to provide low-cost products without sacrificing quality. With our fine art background and extensive experience in the industry, we’ve developed a B2B model that is made to adapt to your needs. Green printing practices ensure that we also do our part to protect the environment. At JONDO, we promote long-term sustainability for our customers and our communities.

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