How JONDO Provides Fast Delivery This Holiday Season

JONDO Provides the Best Holiday Services


Buying holiday gifts online can be a challenge for consumers. In some cases, items may not arrive in time to fill their loved ones with delight. Etailers depend on the holiday season for a large percentage of their annual business. Choosing the right print on demand fulfillment company is key for both revenue and customer satisfaction. What sets JONDO apart from some other global printing services is our ability to consistently provide fast delivery, and ensure that custom printed gifts arrive on time.

Multiple Print Facilities Locations Across the Globe

With ten locations worldwide, we can stand by our promise that orders will arrive in a timely manner. Our automated system directs orders to the global print fulfillment site closest to the end consumer, reducing shipping costs and ensuring fast delivery. Additionally, our on-demand fulfillment facilities are strategically located in key markets where the highest consumer demand is for photo products.

Standardized Production Internationally 

We use the same standardized processes at all our print-on-demand fulfillment sites, minimizing service interruptions. This ensures prompt, reliable shipping so your consumers will be able to receive personalized gifts in time for the holidays.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

While some print providers may adjust their service level agreements during the peak holiday season, JONDO remains committed to our SLA with all of our customers regardless of the time of year. Our unique business model allows us to scale along with your peak seasons, providing dependable global printing services for your consumers.

Discover the JONDO Difference This Holiday Season

Sending orders without delay doesn’t have to be one of your challenges this holiday season. With fast delivery, we ensure that our customers– and yours– can receive their personalized gifts in time to share them with their loved ones. Contact us to learn more about our global print fulfillment.



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