JONDO Proud to Announce New Print Fulfillment Facility in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Welcomes JONDO Print Fulfillment Facility


Australia Print FactoryWe welcome to the JONDO family our new print fulfillment facility in Melbourne, Australia. This standardized printing factory allows us to deliver custom canvas prints and photo printing products to expand our reach in the Australian market.

Why a Print Fulfillment Facility in Australia?

Australia is an English-speaking country with a growing economy, that has one of the largest middle classes in the world. With a current population of just over 25 million and expected to grow to 30 million over the next 10 years, Australia is a market ripe for expanding your customer reach.

Expand Your Printing Business Opportunities in Australia

Australia is 2.97M sq. miles with a population of 25.2M people. The median income is $84K (compared to $60K in the US). Through JONDO’s operations in Australia, those with a need for print on demand services can access the growing, strong middle-class market that the country offers.

About: JONDO understands the importance of providing our customers with access to new markets. JONDO’s first Southern California print fulfillment location was established in 1989. Since then we have added two additional US printing facilities in Northern California and New York, one in the United Kingdom, one in Mexico, two in Canada in Vancouver and Toronto, and one in Spain. As the phenomenon of internet ordering for custom canvas prints and photo gifts continues to increase exponentially, freight cost and delivery time to consumers makes all the difference.

We are constantly expanding our global footprint to meet your business needs. Expect more global locations in the future. Where do you want to go?


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