The Many Uses for Metal Prints

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When you are looking to refresh a space, or even just highlight an interior with new wall decor, you should consider custom metal prints. With their sleek and polished surfaces, metal prints have a professional sophistication many mediums lack. Whether you need a gift for someone else, or to redecorate a home or office, personalized metal prints are a great place to start.

Metal Print

How are Metal Prints Produced?

Traditionally, trade printers use a process called dye sublimation in order to print on metal. This technique involves transferring images onto pre-treated aluminum metal. The image is made into a paper print initially. Next, the paper and metal are placed in a custom-heat press, where they are warmed to more than 380°F (193.33 degrees Celsius) (about 193°C (379.4 degrees Fahrenheit)). Under intense heat and pressure, dyes from the paper are converted to a gas, which becomes embedded into the metal as it cools so that it is infused below the surface of the treated aluminum. Dye sublimation can also be done with tile, wood, and glass.

At JONDO, we use a direct-to-print process, allowing us to provide customized products in less time, at a lower cost, and with minimal impact on the environment compared to traditional techniques — without sacrificing quality. Metal-printed photos and art are produced on a 1mm (0.04 inches) thick aluminum surface with rounded edges for safety, giving you an elegantly printed surface that is ready to hang.

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Benefits of Metal Photo Prints

Metal printing produces a very durable product. Printed on aluminum, metal photos are less susceptible to damage than other materials. Scratch-resistant, they require little maintenance and upkeep to ensure they look freshly printed and in pristine condition.

With their luster finish, metal photo prints highlight metallic architectural elements, bodies of water, snow-capped mountain peaks, and other captivating landscape features. You can customize your photos in different sizes to match the needs of your space.Metal Wall Art

Maintaining Your Metal Prints

While metal photo prints are relatively damage-proof, they still require some upkeep. When you display your metal photo prints indoors and out of direct sunlight, you help to maintain their hues so that the colors can remain vibrant for decades to come.

Using a water-dampened microfiber cloth to keep surfaces clean and pristine will go a long way in preserving the vibrancy and longevity of your metal prints.

When you print on metal, you can highlight the most powerful aspects of your images, experiencing a finished and professional piece of artwork that can bring you pleasure well into the future.

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