Using Acrylic Prints as Wall Hangings

Spruce Up Your Space with Wall Hangings


Acrylic prints provide colorful variety anywhere you choose to display them. Whether you are trying to spruce up a living room with some personal touches to home decor or complement a public space with a sleek design, acrylic prints can be a great answer.

How Are Acrylic Prints Made?

Acrylic printing typically takes two forms: face-mount– which is more traditional– and direct-print. The more conventional technique involves printing an image onto photo paper, which is placed between two sheets of 5 mm (0.2 inches)-thick acrylics (also called plexiglass). The back sheet is usually black, white, or clear, depending on what best complements the image. Metal standoff hardware is attached so that the photo can be affixed to the wall. The metal components can add depth to the print or give it the “floating” look that is becoming increasingly common in modern art. This acrylic printing process is the more complicated of the two. JONDO employs a more efficient process while delivering a similar modern floating look.

At JONDO Global, we use the direct-to-print method, allowing for high-quality custom-printing that requires less time and fewer materials than traditional techniques. Direct-to-print acrylics means that the image is printed on the acrylic material rather than paper that is then mounted on acrylic. The print also comes ready to hang via a white frame backing that allows it to stand off from the wall. Our standardized, expedited process enables us to provide products at a lower cost compared to more conventional methods. Our practices align with our commitment to minimize our carbon footprint while providing fast, efficient service that won’t disappoint.

Why Choose Acrylic Artwork?

There are many benefits of acrylic prints over other substrates. The superior durability and color quality of acrylic prints help make them a great choice for vibrant, sophisticated, and easy to care for wall decor.

Good for Business

Acrylic wall hangings are an especially smart choice for commercial or business use. You can customize prints to meet your needs. As an added convenience, our prints come ready to hang.

Color Quality

Acrylic printing is known for producing images with especially vibrant colors, so if you are replicating photos with bright hues, acrylic wall hangings will provide highly-accurate renderings of the originals.


Acrylic prints are highly durable. They are both scratch- and shatter-resistant, so they hold up well for extended periods of time.

Easy to Care for

Acrylic prints for office or home decor are incredibly easy to clean and can last for decades. Gently dust prints on a regular basis with soft cotton or microfiber cloth, or a can of compressed air (like those used to clean computer keyboards). If necessary, wipe acrylic photos with a water-dampened cloth, but be careful– too much liquid may leave streaks. Glass cleaner can also be used. To maintain their vibrancy, keep photos indoors at low humidity. However, acrylic prints can withstand direct sunlight due to our specially formulated UV resistant inks.

If you want to take your photos or wall art to the next level, acrylic prints provide a brilliance that other materials cannot match.

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