Are You Wearing Too Many Hats?

Doing too Much Can Compromise Quality


JONDO understands there are many companies that are both the seller and the manufacturer. If your company is in a growth mode, the increased business can bring new challenges. From managing a supply chain and production line to design and even social media, facilitating both the sales and manufacturing sides of the business is a lot to handle. Using JONDO’s print fulfillment services can help businesses focus attention on marketing initiatives and growth opportunities, while providing the quality products customers rely on.

Focus Your Energy Where it Matters Most

Make the most of your time and personnel by focusing your efforts on the sales and marketing side to acquire more customers. Consider allowing JONDO to handle your print on demand dropshipping production needs. We specialize in personalized print on demand manufacturing and have done so for over 30 years. Using JONDO as your fulfillment partner allows your company to focus on its core competencies on the sales and marketing side. Trust is an integral part of giving up control in a business environment, and JONDO has a long history of providing trustworthy service to e-commerce businesses.

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Never Compromise Quality

While many businesses provide personalized products, attention to detail is a major qualifying factor when choosing a manufacturer. JONDO provides high-quality materials and standardized manufacturing at each of our global facilities, so no matter where a product is going, the quality will never be compromised. We have specific software developed over 10 years designed to simplify customer processes, ensuring that no matter a business’ size, JONDO can support your continued growth.

JONDO facilities

Save Money & Extend Your Reach

Most business owners may believe that hiring a manufacturer to outsource production would make costs skyrocket. JONDO has a dedicated logistics team that streamlines order processing and delivering around the globe. In addition, our regional facilities allow worldwide shipping without customs delays. JONDO is prepared for peak seasonality and demand. Economies of scale allow us to provide our customers with more value. Taking all of these factors into consideration, JONDO can help reduce costs and maximize sales for your business.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

JONDO can help you take the next step in growing your business. With a team of trusted professionals, you will always get the quality, cost, and trust you are looking for in a manufacturer and fulfillment partner. Contact a JONDO team member today to see how you can get started!


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