Canadian eCommerce is Booming for Custom Printed Products

Canada Loves Personalized Products

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E-commerce sales are booming in Canada. The country offers tremendous opportunities for businesses that specialize in custom printed products and want to expand their market reach. Here are a few reasons to engage this promising but sometimes-overlooked market.

Tech-Savvy Culture

Canadians are well-versed in navigating the digital world. According to FDI Intelligence, 88.5% of the population uses the internet, so it’s not surprising that eCommerce is thriving there. Young people report spending 34 hours a week online, giving them plenty of time to shop via their computers and phones.

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Healthy Economy

About 73% of working-aged Canadians (ages 15-64) are employed. This figure is higher than the worldwide rate of 68%. Additionally, the country’s average household disposable income per capita is well above average among industrialized nations. Consumers are spending some of that income in online markets. In late 2019, for instance, 28.1 million of the nation’s nearly 37 million people spent approximately $1.85 billion (Canadian dollars) on online purchases. Canadians spend a large amount of disposable income on eCommerce purchases, which is exactly what businesses look for when expanding into other countries.

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For several years, revenue from online markets has been increasing annually by at least double what it was the previous year. In May 2020, e-retail spending in Canada reached an all-time high of $3.9 billion. This number is impressive in and of itself but is even more so considering it’s a 110.8% increase compared to the same time last year.

Demand for Personalized Services

Custom printed products and a customer-centered experience are important to Canadians. Nearly three-quarters of consumers want personalized products and services, such as custom canvas prints. A personalized shopping experience appeals to nearly all Canadians (90%) — so much so that 80% reported that they’re more likely to purchase from a brand that offers the kind of customized approach they’re looking for. As might be expected, about 75% of Canadians are more likely to purchase from a company that knows their name and purchase history. In fact, not only are consumers more likely to purchase from a company that connects with them, but 40% expect to spend more when their shopping experience is highly personal.

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Offer Custom Printed Products to More Customers

Clearly, online purchasing is a trend that’s rapidly gaining momentum in Canada. If you offer custom printed products and would like to tap into Canadian markets, JONDO has the resources to help you do it. With locations in Vancouver and Toronto, we provide domestic print fulfillment so you can offer the fast and affordable personalized service your customers expect and deserve. Contact a JONDO team member today to see how you can tap into Canadian markets.

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