Is Your Business Prepared for a Boom in Ecommerce Sales?

ECommerce is the Wave of the Future, is Your Business Ready?


With brick and mortar retail businesses closed due to restrictions aimed at curbing the current pandemic, ecommerce sites are seeing an uptick in sales. Adopting the right marketing strategies and technology infrastructure will put you on track to meet the growing demand.

Online Shopping Becomes the “New Normal”

With most in-person browsing ruled out, increasing numbers of consumers are shopping from home. In this season of special occasions, namely Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduations, online ordering and shipping are quickly becoming our go-to method of gift-giving while minimizing personal contact. To make up for the inability to have large in-person celebrations, some consumers find themselves going to greater lengths to buy just the right gift.

Additionally, people are taking advantage of this time to tackle those home-decorating projects they’ve been putting off. Sprucing up their surroundings has become an extension of the usual spring cleaning, not to mention a healthy distraction from cabin fever.

Custom-printed gifts lend themselves well to home-decorating. Allow your customers to choose from a variety of personalized items — from posters to canvas decor — appropriate for any occasion. JONDO’s easy-to-use platforms make fulfilling  orders online a snap, and they’re delivered right to the recipient’s door.

Preparing for a Boom in Ecommerce Sales

Now is the time to prepare for your ecommerce sales to take off. To reach as many prospective customers as possible, it’s essential to leverage all available marketing tools, especially social media. Offer promotions, discounts, and giveaways. Create pages, posts, and videos that people can like and share.

Consider setting up a blog for your site and asking well-known bloggers to write or post ads on their pages about your site. To gain a top spot on Google searches, it’s important to enhance your SEO and SEM capabilities too.

To promote ecommerce, it’s necessary to have the technology infrastructure, and staff you need to support increased traffic and transactions. For instance, you must have enough bandwidth capacity that your site won’t crash while multitudes of customers are placing last-minute holiday orders. Your digital platform should align with safety protocols so that customers’ payment information and other personal data is stored securely. Address validation is also important as it will prevent potential future customer service inquiries. Remember to reinforce all of the safety precautions your company is taking to maintain the health  of your employees. 

At JONDO, we provide personalized products for enterprises large and small. Our standardized processes and global reach allow us to consistently meet the needs of your growing ecommerce business. Contact a JONDO team member today.

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