Were You Let Down by Your Global Printing Company During the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

JONDO Will Never Let You Down


JONDO is proud to announce that in the 2019 holiday season, we achieved our highest order volume while improving our on-time fulfillment to over 98%. Unfortunately,  we hear that some customers were disappointed by other print fulfillment vendors. Luckily, you don’t have to rely on Santa and his elves for on-time order fulfillment. If your business is offering personalized custom photo gifts to consumers, a trusted global printing company like JONDO can fulfill your needs. Here’s how JONDO stands by its promise to not let you down during the most demanding time of the year, and every other season, too.

Seamless Ordering

If another global printing company has fallen short of your expectations, it may be because it didn’t have the right tools to get the job done effectively. At JONDO we’ve developed a proprietary software system that connects with all major e-commerce platforms, allowing you to easily place and track orders of any size.

Standardized Processes with Redundancy

At JONDO, we use the same manufacturing process at every print fulfillment facility, so you can expect consistent quality with every order. Our unique workflow is so well-coordinated that, when one of our sites temporarily lost power, we were able to move orders to another location, enabling us to maintain customer SLA.

Multiple Locations Across the Globe

In order to deliver in a timely manner, a global print fulfillment company requires a strategic logistic infrastructure. JONDO ‘s ten locations worldwide minimize shipping distances, transit times, and costs. Our system automatically directs orders to the print fulfillment facility closest to the end recipient, ensuring on-time delivery. Choosing JONDO as your global printing company means choosing a print provider who will not let you down during high peak seasons. To discover how JONDO can help, contact a JONDO team member today.


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