What’s in Your Background?

Zoom is Not so Forgiving


Except for essential workers, first responders, and front-line healthcare providers, unprecedented numbers of employees find themselves working at home due to COVID-19. With videoconferencing becoming the norm, home offices have become the new focal point for peer to peer communication. Now is the time to makeover your workspace with decor that makes it look more like the home office should be.

Beautify Your Background with Custom Prints

When you’re on video calls, what’s in your background is more important than you may realize. A professional background allows attendees on calls to focus on you rather than what’s in your background. JONDO offers high-quality and vivid wall art to spruce up any home office space.

Sprucing up your workspace not only makes it look more professional, it can also boost your morale. Adorning your walls with acrylic, canvas, or metal prints allows you to customize your work area with images that are eye-catching, attractive, and meaningful for you. Elevate your desk with framed photos of landscapes or portraits of family members. At JONDO, we can print your custom acrylic prints for you. Custom acrylic prints are available in a variety of sizes to fit your space.

Drink Coffee in Style

Even if you’re new to remote work, you can still enjoy some of the same elements of your old routine, especially your morning coffee or other favorite beverage. When you’re collaborating with colleagues over Zoom, you’re likely to see a wide assortment of Solo cups, water bottles, and the like on your colleagues’ desks. To stand out from the crowd, why not show off a custom coffee mug on yours? You can drink coffee in style, and you may even set a trend.

Brand It With Your Logo

For those who have furniture in their background, a personalized pillow made with a logo of your company adds a subtle touch.  This is a great opportunity to brand your business when on calls with customers and prospects. JONDO offers custom pillows in suede, linen, and canvas fabrics.

At JONDO, we’re maintaining business as usual throughout the pandemic. We’re following protocols to protect the health and safety of our workers, while still providing the consistent, quality service our customers expect and deserve. All of our locations are fully operational, and we continue to ship orders around the globe. With some of our team members telecommuting, we understand the challenges of creating a professional-looking home office. Discover how personalized prints can transform your workspace. Contact a JONDO team member today for more information. 

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