Ecommerce Black Friday Tips for Your Print On Demand Business

As the crucial Black Friday shopping weekend approaches, it’s important for your print on demand business to be prepared in anticipation of the increase in traffic to your website as well as increase in orders. Wondering how to prepare for Black Friday ecommerce during the 2022 holiday season? At JONDO, we’re experts on taking customer satisfaction to the next level, especially when it comes to global print fulfillment. Read on for our full guide to building your business’ Black Friday ecommerce strategy + boosting your print on demand sales during the busiest time of year.

Ecommerce Black Friday Tips

Seasonal Marketing

Print on demand sales can be seasonal, and your marketing strategies should reflect that. Optimize for Black Friday ecommerce by creating landing pages for your promotions. These pages can be built specifically to target seasonal keywords for SEO, thereby increasing your website traffic.

Ecommerce Black Friday Tips | JONDO

Black Friday is also no longer just a weekend affair. Many companies are beginning their promotions earlier and earlier in the month in order to stand out amongst the noise of competitor marketing. By starting your print on demand sales earlier, you can capture more attention while spreading out your customers over the course of the month as opposed to just one weekend.

One of the most important holiday selling tips is to double check your promotions before they get sent out via email blasts or go live on your website. Incorrect information can lead to a customer service headache later on so take the time to proof everything twice.

Optimize Your Website

User experience is an important part of the customer journey so an important Black Friday ecommerce strategy is to make it easier for your customers to navigate your online store. In 2022, responsive web design is a must in order to target both desktop and mobile users as it will resize text, images, and important buttons to appropriate sizes based on the user’s device. Improve your site loading speed by using a speed insight tool such as PageSpeed Insights by Google. This will help analyze areas that can be improved to help your site load faster and run more smoothly for customers.

Ecommerce Black Friday Tips | JONDO

Products on your store should also be clear and easy to navigate while the checkout process should be simple and undaunting. It’s no secret that users will abandon a checkout process if they find it too complicated. For the users that do leave midway, set up an abandoned cart email automation in order to continue the conversation with those potential customers, even after they leave your site. Black Friday ecommerce shopping can be a lot for most customers at times as they navigate a myriad of websites in search of the best deals. Yours can stand out by removing any potential barriers to their experience.

Tighten Website Security

An overlooked Black Friday ecommerce strategy is strong website security. Website hacks and exposures continue to be more common, and it is important to adequately protect your customers and their data when they are on your website. If your website is transactional, it is a necessity for it to be HTTPS compliant. As an HTTPS website, your website traffic is secured through authentication and encryption, thereby creating an extra layer of safety for your customers. As an additional step, install a security plugin to set up firewalls that reduce bots and spam as well as to scan for potential malware before they become big issues that cripple your print on demand business website.

Ecommerce Black Friday Tips | JONDO

Preparing Customer Service

Crucial holiday selling tips include properly preparing your customer service team. Make sure they are aware of your Black Friday ecommerce promotions and sales taking place. Work together to develop common language for possible questions or issues that your customers might have. If there are order issues that necessitate elevating to JONDO, we offer a private form for filing claims as well as a self-service API portal for additional assistance.

Ecommerce Black Friday Tips | JONDO

Utilize JONDO’s Self-Service API Portal

For JONDO customers connected to us via API, we offer an API Integration portal that gives your print on demand business access to essential tools for thriving during crucial shopping holidays. In the dashboard, customers have access to extensive documentation that breaks down all of the tools available for creating and managing orders. Product codes and image specs ensure that you pass through correct order data to our systems while API status updates indicate the success of those orders. Orders that have successfully passed through can be tracked in the portal as well. Designed to be self-service, JONDO’s API portal is an important way in which we can help your print on demand business manage Black Friday ecommerce orders this year.

Ecommerce Black Friday Tips | JONDO

All of these ecommerce Black Friday tips are an important step in achieving a thriving campaign with minimal issues. JONDO is proud to work with your print on demand business this holiday season, and we look forward to your Black Friday ecommerce success stories. For more information: check out our resources on top print on demand products for the upcoming holiday season for a full rundown of holiday print on demand essentials for your business. Have questions regarding our API integration portal, print fulfillment specifics, or any other general inquiries? Contact JONDO today.

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