What are NFTs & Can an NFT File Be Printed?

NFTs, non-fungible tokens, have taken the cryptocurrency trade by storm. Let’s dive deeper into common NFT questions like: “Can you print an NFT”, “What size should NFT art be”, and more.

What are NFTs?

NFTs, commonly known as digital collectibles, are a string of code written on the blockchain that can store information, audio data, images, files, and similar information. Unlike other cryptocurrency assets, NFTs are ‘non-fungible’ or unique. That means they act as individual files that can’t be replicated. This makes NFT’-s an ideal digital tool for storing and transferring digital representations of art, photographs, imagery, music, and similar.

‘OpenSea NFT Art Prints

How to Buy & Sell NFT Art

NFTs can be bought and sold using cryptocurrency via online marketplaces. Recognized marketplaces in the space include OpenSea (most widely used), Rarible, LooksRare, as well as other platforms such as KnownOrigin, Foundation, NiftyGateway, and MakersPlace.

The majority of these platforms host NFTs on the Ethereum network, which is the most popular chain, followed by others including Polygon, Solana, Tezos, and many more. Any kind of digital art or photograph can be ‘minted’ or uploaded as an NFT and then put onto a marketplace for sale. Minting is the process of taking a digital asset and converting it to be stored on the blockchain.

Can You Print NFT Art?

If you’re wondering whether or not you can print NFT art, you are not alone. The answer is yes, NFT printing simply transfers the image already owned to a format that is physical instead of digital, but it’s based on the same image stored in the NFT coding itself. As an NFT file format, such as .jpg or .png, it can be replicated onto a physical surface, such as an NFT canvas print. As an NFT collector, this is a great way to display your token(s) at home or the office versus code loaded into a small digital frame display. NFT canvas prints are the next evolution of art, imagery, and photography for collectors and consumers, as well as a new and very interesting source for additional printed art and graphics.

Printing process in action showing how to print NFT art onto canvas

Creating Tangible Print NFTs

There are many things to consider when planning to print your NFT art pictures like NFT file size, NFT file format, and how large you wish to scale your NFT canvas print. A common thing to check is the size/aspect ratio of the NFT in relation to what size it’s being printed on (ex. an NFT canvas print). For example, the pixel dimension of the NFT that looks good on your computer or smartphone, may not have the same quality blown up as a print. Projects sometimes provide a high-resolution image for the collector to download and use for personal derivatives, NFT prints, merchandise, etc. Creators can also form a partnership with an NFT printing platform for their token holders to order their NFTs with approved print sizes and mediums.

Growth Opportunities in the NFT Market

As an artist or project, printing your NFTs into NFT canvas art is a great way to add utility to your collection and provide value for token holders. Advancements in this space include token gated printing and verification of ownership. Token gated printing allows only the token holder to connect their crypto wallet (Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Math Wallet, AlphaWallet, and others) and select which NFTs they own to be printed. In addition to that, a way to verify true ownership of the physical print to the NFT on the blockchain is by adding an NFC (Near-Field Communication) chip to the print. This can link back to show the smart contract address of the NFT to the physical piece and vice versa where only those that can scan on-site can verify. NFT canvas prints are the future of physical ownership replacing the archaic forms of a certificate of authenticity.

NFT Canvas Prints on display

Success Stories: Eternal Royals & KurumaNFT

Projects in the NFT space have started to include a physical utility to pair with their NFT collections. A couple to highlight would be Eternal Royals and the KurumaNFT collective. Eternal Royals, created by digital artist Jesse Johnson, started as popular king and queen characters from The Dope Art, Jesse’s canvas print brand. It features 9,224 unique kings and queens including 224 handcrafted by the artist called “OGs”. Since the drop in October token holders have benefited from mint bonuses and giveaways of 30×30 canvas prints, posters, and acrylic prints. They also have the opportunity to purchase a 1 of 1 30×40 premium canvas, debuted at the NFT LA show, of their king or queen that can only be printed once and verified by a scannable NFC chip.

KurumaNFT Canvas NFT Print

KurumaNFT is a collective brand of automotive and car-themed digital collectibles based on the Solana blockchain. Project drops include the work of notable artists in the automotive scene featuring vibrant colors and incredible cars. All NFTs will come with an unlockable physical print upon purchase which is a premium addition to your home, office, or garage.

JONDO: Your Platform for Printing NFTs

JONDO’s print NFTs provide our customers the ability to reach new markets around the world through our standardized, regional facilities for NFT printing. These strategically placed manufacturing plants give access to not just the world, but to the key countries where there is a strong need for on-demand, personalized photo products. Consumers can order a standardized manufactured product with confidence, have it made close to home, and delivered quickly. Our unique distribution and print process ensures that it is the exact same product, regardless of the product fulfillment location. The end result is a consistently high-quality art print product that is produced regionally.


We are the solution for your NFT printing fulfillment needs.

NFT canvas prints are a great way to show off your art in real life. Whether you are the original creator or owner by purchase, as long as you have an image file to use for printing, you can print your NFT. Note that only still images apply here, and NFTs that are animated GIFs, videos, music, sounds, etc. cannot be printed. If you have your artwork ready to go in the form of an image file, JONDO is ready to print it for you. We offer a variety of product options including canvas prints, paper prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, pillows, blankets, poster prints, and more.

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