Environmentally Friendly Canvas Print Fulfillment by JONDO

Help Save the Planet with JONDO’s Canvas Print Fulfillment


Many companies today consider climate change and protecting natural resources as a necessary part of doing business. As a result, increasing numbers of businesses are “going green.”  Others would like to, but often associate eco-friendly practices with higher costs. At JONDO, our streamlined processes and eco friendly products put us at the forefront of the print industry.  Consider some of the advantages of on-demand canvas print fulfillment.

Global Print Fulfillment Services

With ten global print fulfillment facilities in six countries, we can provide eco-friendly products at a competitive price, allowing you to pass those savings on to your customers.  Our automated system ensures that we process your order at the manufacturing facility closest to the end recipient.  This reduces shipping times and distances, thus reducing our overall CO2 emissions. Using JONDO for global print fulfillment enables you to efficiently leverage available resources to reach new potential markets, expanding your customer base without increasing your carbon footprint.


Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing

JONDO’s in house software workflow creates an all-digital process that uses no paper tickets for tracking jobs. During printing, our software arranges imagery in a way that reduces unnecessary waste. We exclusively utilize the latest HP Latex printers that are Energy Star compliant. HP Latex Inks are UL certified GREENGUARD GOLD and produce the lowest amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) of any digital printer, with no HAPs (hazardous air pollutants). JONDO’s responsible practices also include the use of sustainable wood from renewable forests (FSC certified) for our canvas stretcher bars. Specific size trees are grown to maximize the yield of stretcher bars, which reduces waste during production. All of these practices result in a workflow and product that is as green as possible.


Eco-Friendly Packaging

At JONDO, we’re constantly improving our photo print fulfillment services while protecting the environment and promoting cost-savings for our customers.  We utilize eco-friendly packaging for our both of our large and small canvas photo prints.  By using folder boxes that are smaller and better-fitting, we maximize our use of cardboard and wrapping tape, which means lower packaging costs.  Our larger boxes are designed to eliminate oversize surcharges, so you can save shipping costs on all sizes of our eco-friendly products. Corrugated cardboard is used as it is structurally safer and recyclable, and also reduces the risk of damage during transit.


The JONDO Difference: Built to Scale With You

Many print fulfillment services have a minimum order requirement that must be met for the order to be processed.  This can leave businesses with more products than they require, leading to unwanted inventory and wasted resources.  At JONDO, we utilize print on demand processes and technologies that optimize manufacturing efficiency, making it possible for you to scale orders.  Our eco-friendly print fulfillment services enable your business to save money and warehouse space by customizing order volumes according to your needs.


At JONDO, we strive to provide the best canvas print fulfillment possible while keeping prices competitive for our customers and reducing the carbon footprint.  We’re constantly improving our products and processes to provide our customers with a strategic advantage. JONDO firmly believes that “going green” is not just trendy, but also the right thing to do. If your business would like to speak to the benefits of our environmentally responsible green initiatives, we would be more than happy to provide you with those specific details and additional information. To learn more about our print fulfillment services, please contact us by filling out a fulfillment form.

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