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Metal prints make it possible to display custom printed products in high detail with stunning color and clarity. The end result is an artwork that is frameless, scratch resistant, easy to clean and durable. At JONDO, we offer aluminum prints in both gloss and matte finishes, allowing you to enhance and complement your image in the space that you decide to display it.

Metal Prints

What Sets Metal Prints Apart from Other Wall Decor?

Metal prints are well geared toward particular types of photography such as imagery that features high saturation or deep contrast. The qualities of the aluminum finish serve to bring out the imagery in a way that other mediums may not be able to.

Metal prints can elevate the look of an image compared to other print mediums. This elegance leads to metal prints commonly being used in commercial spaces or modern homes.

Custom Metal Prints

Differences Between Gloss and Matte Metal Prints

While both metal prints are stunning, they do have a few key differences.

Metal Prints with a gloss finish shine. This medium and finish are great for colorful and dramatic prints, but reflections can be a drawback, meaning that choosing an optimal and proper location for hanging is imperative. Generally, a gloss finish is perfect in situations with controlled light.

Matte finishes on metal prints do not have the same glare qualities of glossy metal prints. This subtle luster finish has reduced glare allowing you to display them in spaces that are subject to high levels of natural light. Custom matte finished metal prints are not quite as shiny as a gloss finish so they are more flexible and easier to display.

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The Benefits of Gloss or Matte Metal Prints

Whether you prefer the gloss or matte finishes, metal prints offer numerous benefits. They provide an incredibly high image quality.

Additionally, aluminum printed photos can be displayed without a frame. In fact, metal prints from JONDO come ready to hang right out of the box. This type of print is also waterproof and resistant to UV light due to JONDO’s use of eco-friendly UV resistant inks. In fact, the surface of an aluminum printed photo is both scratch and fade resistant and can be displayed anywhere in your home with ease.

Purchase a Gloss or Matte Metal Print from a Trusted Source

JONDO is proud to offer high-quality metal prints that will turn your favorite photos and images into stunning wall art. Save money on shipping costs when you select one of the worldwide JONDO facilities to print your new gloss or matte metal print.

JONDO specialized in global print fulfillment and b2b print on demand services. Our fine art background has reinforced a commitment to high-quality digital print services. Our model and highly developed process have allowed us to have the most competitive pricing and delivery times in the industry. With green packaging and shipping practices, we pride ourselves on protecting our communities while delivering high-quality print fulfillment services to a global market.

Contact JONDO to learn more about our print on demand services and b2b printing.

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