Sell Shopify Print On Demand Products With JONDO Connect

Install our Shopify app to power your Shopify store with dropship print on demand products from JONDO.

Currently Available by Invitation to Existing Shopify Stores Selling 500+ Printed Products Monthly

Why Choose JONDO Connect x Shopify?

Shopify is a feature rich e-commerce platform with an intuitive user experience that is perfect for small to medium sized businesses selling print on demand products. By installing the JONDO Connect Shopify app on your print on demand Shopify store, JONDO can automatically fulfill your art and photo products for you. Your products will be produced at one of our standardized worldwide, regional facilities as orders are placed.

Simple Setup

Setting up a new product with JONDO Connect is as easy as choosing what products and sizes to offer. You’ll just need to provide a high resolution file of your artwork or photo, and JONDO Connect will create print ready files based on your selected sizes.

Automatic Order Fulfillment

Upon placement, orders are automatically sent to JONDO’s systems for fulfillment at one of our regional facilities. Order statuses and tracking information update as the order progresses.

3D Rendered Product Imagery

3D renders of products are available as selectable product images to help improve the shopping experience with your customers. Sales happen more often when customers can better visualize the products they will receive.

Print Ready File Creation

JONDO’s Shopify app creates print ready files from your uploaded high resolution artwork or photo based on the sizes that you select for your chosen product(s). Canvas image wrap types can also be applied via the plug in.

Print On Demand Shopify Dropshipping Made Easy

Shopify App Install

The JONDO team assists in setting up JONDO Connect with your Shopify store to get connected to our fulfillment system.

Product Setup

We set up an initial batch of products as well as train your team on the configuration of additional products for your print on demand Shopify store.

Test & Launch

After a few test orders are processed to confirm a successful connection, orders then flow seamlessly between your store and our production backend.

How JONDO Connect Works

Who is JONDO Connect for?

JONDO Connect is geared toward companies using Shopify for small business and medium business as their ecommerce solution. It is available only to existing Shopify stores that currently sell on demand printed products with a monthly order volume of over 500 units.

Is there a fee?

JONDO Connect is one of the best print on demand Shopify apps available for customers as there are no additional service fees associated with its use.

How do I get started?

To start using JONDO Connect on your print on demand Shopify store, reach out to us below to find out if your business would be a great fit for this integration.

Do I need to have technical software knowledge?

Our print on demand Shopify integration is designed to be intuitive and easy to use with a clear user interface. JONDO offers a concierge service to help your business with the initial installation and setup of JONDO Connect on your Shopify store. We’ll even set up some initial products as well as train you on how to set up your own via the plugin for additional products.

What about existing products on my store?

If you have existing print on demand products on your Shopify store, those can be connected to related JONDO products via JONDO Connect for fulfillment. This allows your store to retain reviews and SEO data on any current products. Products not offered by JONDO can continue to be fulfilled by other parties. JONDO Connect can connect some or all of your products to our system.

What products are available?

JONDO Connect currently offers the top selling JONDO products for Shopify dropshipping. Additional products will be added as demand is identified by our customers.

Can I push my Etsy or Amazon orders through the JONDO Connect Shopify app?

Yes, manual orders can be created in your Shopify admin.

Can I use JONDO Connect to update my order after it is submitted to JONDO for fulfillment?

We are working on building out the functionality of our Shopify app to support features such as address changes, item cancellations, etc. In the meantime, if you need order assistance, please reach out to us.

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