Peel and Stick Prints

Provide your customers stand-out custom peel and stick prints.

At JONDO, we create the highest quality, bright white, 7 mil, 100% polyester satin sheen custom peel and stick prints. This allows our peel and stick prints to display strong color and clarity, perfect for temporary applications, graphics and decals. The end result is a vibrant and eye-catching peel and stick photo print that can grab the attention of passers by. Custom peel and stick prints are a trending product category, and some popular uses include announcements, celebrations, events, and other temporary applications.

JONDO’s Experience

JONDO has years of experience providing businesses of all sizes with the highest quality peel and stick prints.

Through constant growth and innovation since our founding in 1989, JONDO has become one of the leading global print fulfillment companies in the world. We also specialize in custom canvas prints, custom paper prints, personalized pillows, and other home decor and custom wall art offerings.

Product Details


JONDO’s peel and stick prints are made from bright white, 7 mil, 100% polyester, with a satin sheen. They are perfect for use in temporary applications, graphics, murals, wall coverings, and decals.


JONDO’s peel and stick prints have the same quality standards as our product leading canvas and paper prints. They feature high color fidelity and rich deep blacks.

Durability & Care

Our 100% polyester satin sheen peel and stick prints are water resistant and fade resistant. They can be easily cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.

Which JONDO Global facilities offer personalized peel and stick prints?

JONDO is a global print fulfillment company, and we have ten facilities around the world. We currently offer peel and stick prints in all JONDO facilities.

How do I add custom peel and stick prints to my product catalog?

Interested in adding custom peel and stick prints to your product line? Contact us so we can put you in touch with a JONDO team member.

Detailed product information is available by request.

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