Personalized Pillows

Offer custom printed pillows to your customers.

Expand your product offering by considering JONDO’s pillow printing services. We will handle all production so you can concentrate your efforts on customer acquisition and content. With this huggable art, your customers will be pleased with JONDO’s personalized pillow and home goods offerings as we utilize the same high quality standards that we do for our traditional photo products such as canvas prints and paper prints.

Our Experience In
Custom Printed Pillows

JONDO has many years of experience working with companies of all sizes providing high-quality wholesale custom pillow printing services.

Our customers have seen great success adding custom printed throw pillows as well as custom throw pillow covers to their product offering, which are great choices for gifts and home decor. JONDO only uses the finest materials and textiles for our print-on-demand pillows, so you can offer your customers a unique, high-quality product.

Different Types of Materials

Canvas Pillows

Custom canvas pillows are a great idea for printing photos such as family imagery or intricate designs. As a custom pillow manufacturer, our canvas fabric offers a great depth of color and durability that gives customers the long-lasting products they desire. It is JONDO’s most popular pillow material as it is well-suited for many types of images to meet your custom-printed pillow demands.

Faux Suede Pillows

Faux suede pillows allow customers to add warmth and coziness to their homes. Faux suede is a creamy soft fabric with a nice smooth touch. These custom-printed throw pillows work well with content ranging from photography to art.

Linen Pillows

Personalized linen pillows are ideal for printing abstract imagery and designed content such as large typographic quotes and sayings. Linen pillows are a bright white material that have an artistic weave with a defined feel. These custom throw pillows and covers allow individuals to add a personal touch to their homes or give meaningful gifts.


Personalized pillows from JONDO are available with inserts made in-house or as wholesale custom covers only. Custom-printed pillow inserts are manufactured in-house by JONDO, which allows us to achieve optimal efficiencies and high order volumes, especially during peak seasons when it counts.

All of JONDO’s print-on-demand pillow covers come with a durable zipper that incorporates an integrated design. The pillow fabric is printed using our unique water-based dye-sublimation inks for unrivaled durability and color vibrancy. This makes them safe for easy machine washing, which provides years of enjoyment.

JONDO offers custom printed pillows with double-sided printing. Customers have the flexibility to use both sides for imagery or only use one side while keeping the other side blank or making it a solid color.

Which JONDO Global facilities offer personalized pillows?

JONDO is a global print fulfillment company, and we have nine facilities around the world. We offer personalized pillow printing services at the following locations:

Canada (Toronto)
Spain (Barcelona)
United Kingdom (London)
United States (San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta)

How do I add personalized pillows to my product catalog?

JONDO offers many integration options including our dedicated API integration for larger customers or through Order Desk for mid-size customers. For small businesses or emerging customers, our JONDO GO order portal is the fastest way to start working with us without the need for an integration. These fulfillment options ensure that businesses of all sizes can work with JONDO easily. They all include the ability for white label canvas printing. Interested in adding personalized pillows to your product line? Contact us so we can put you in touch with a JONDO team member.

Detailed product information is available by request.

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