JONDO’S environmentally-friendly business practices

JONDO is as Environmentally Friendly as Possible


Amid a culture that is becomingly increasingly environmentally-minded, many businesses are seeking sustainable ways to carry out their operations. Customers, in turn, are more likely to support companies that invest in the community by minimizing their carbon footprint. As a leader in environmental printing, JONDO is committed to protecting the community and preserving natural resources.

Environmental Printing

Our use of water-based printing products ensures that they are solvent-free and do not pose a threat to the environment. Solvent-free printing has a variety of health and environmental benefits. Our prints are safer for schools, hospitals, employees and customers than solvent-based printing methods. Thanks to our safe and eco-friendly printing methods, JONDO has received a GreenGuard Gold certification, which indicates that products— including inks, printed substrates, and the combination of both for indoor applications—contribute to healthier indoor environments by minimizing potential exposure to airborne chemicals.

Energy Efficient Printing

JONDO uses HP Latex printers because of the eco-friendly benefits of the products we use. From printers designed to minimize the environmental impact of printing through manufacturing, use, and disposal to developing and sourcing sustainable substrates, HP is designing end-to-end sustainability into large-format signage printing. HP Latex printers, primary eco-labels: ENERGY STAR® A voluntary United States (US) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program that certifies products for superior energy efficiency. The mark is broadly recognized, and furthermore, products sold to governments in the US, Taiwan, the EU, Australia/New Zealand, and Japan must be ENERGY STAR® certified. Select HP Latex printers are ENERGY STAR® certified. Minimizing waste is an integral part of green printing, because print fulfillment generally demands using many raw materials. We maximize our raw material we usage by using our software and manufacturing procedures minimize our raw material used throughout the process.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

With several locations around the world, JONDO can meet your print-on-demand needs with ease in many countries around the world. Your products will be manufactured at the facility closest to your consumers, which makes for shorter shipping distances and reduced carbon emissions.

Benefits of “Going Green”

When you partner with us, you demonstrate your commitment to long-term sustainability, which can help you grow your business. Consider the benefits of using eco-friendly printing services:

  • Enjoy higher productivity and cost-savings. With multiple print-on-demand locations worldwide,  shipping costs and times are reduced. This allows your customers to receive their orders faster to meet the growing demand of your business.
  • Advance your brand. According to a Natural Marketing Institute survey, 58 percent of American consumers consider a company’s impact on the environment when thinking about purchasing goods and services. People are also more likely to support businesses that invest in the community. Using environmental printing will improve awareness of your brand, not only among your customers, but also your employees and their families.
  • Recruit investors and employees who share your values. Most environmentally-conscious people avoid associating with companies that are considered poor stewards of the environment. When you establish a reputation for using green printing, your company will attract like-minded employees and other stakeholders who share your vision and values.
  • Boost Profits. Research shows that companies that actively support the environment enjoy higher revenue than businesses that take a less committed approach to going green. By using eco-friendly printers, you can improve your bottom line.


Using environmental printing for your company’s print fulfillment can go a long way toward creating an eco-conscious culture within your company and allows you to extend your reach beyond what you thought was possible. JONDO is committed to helping clients grow their operations while minimizing negative environmental impact.

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