3 Things to Look For When Choosing A Canvas Printing Service

Canvas Printing Service Must-Have’s


Canvas prints are produced by printing digital images on a large-format inkjet printer. Once the image is printed onto the long-lasting canvas fabric, it is stretched in order to fit the desired size.

Canvas prints have allowed high-quality photographs to be reproduced as wall art that are just as impressive and visually pleasing as paintings on canvas have been for the past 600 years.

1. International Print Supply Locally Fulfilled

When your business is increasing the scope and scale of the markets you serve, maintaining a high-quality printed product at low shipping and manufacturing costs is paramount. When you pick a canvas print provider, your first priority should be to create canvas digital prints that meet your standards for quality at an affordable price. At JONDO, we have ten standardized printing factories across the world, with more on the way. Production work is automatically assigned to the closest standardized, regional printing facility to minimize delivery time and costs.

2. Consistent High-Quality Canvas Printing

You should trust the canvas printing provider you select to produce consistently high-quality products that are manufactured regionally. The quality of the printing material used to create the canvas print should meet or surpass industry standards in order to ensure a high-quality final product. JONDO maintains a standardized supply chain across all facilities around the world to ensure we exceed your clients’ expectations.


The printing services you choose determine not just the product you produce but the integrity of your brand. At JONDO, we are committed to deliver the best products in the print on demand market and to stay current with the latest industry trends and technologies.


3. Customer Satisfaction

At JONDO, we believe any successful business partnership is a byproduct of a successful relationship and trust. This is why we maintain a personal relationship with each client to understand their goals and to help scale our services to meet their ever-changing needs.

We automate the order process with flexible software solutions and an easy-to-use API integration that fits the needs of our clients. The canvas printing provider you choose should have the capacity to adapt to your marketing demands. We cater to every range of customer including traditional brick and mortar stores to the online storefronts of today with virtually unlimited capacity.

Our proprietary software also allows us to fulfill orders accurately at great speed. This reduces the need for customer requests due to errors and changes to less than 1 percent.

At JONDO, we simplify customer interaction to work hand in hand with our clients to make sure we have can develop solutions before the need arises.

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