Getting Started with JONDO GO: Print Fulfillment for Small Businesses

Small Businesses Love JONDO Go


Are you an emerging business looking for quality print fulfillment services, but have limited software development resources? If so, we can help you advance your brand with JONDO GO, a free online order portal exclusively available to JONDO’s customers. JONDO GO allows quick and easy access to our extensive photo product catalog with worldwide shipping. Here’s an overview of JONDO GO and how it can help your business get to the next level.

Getting Started with Global Print Fulfillment

JONDO GO is the fastest way to start working with us. Customers who want to use JONDO GO to expand their print fulfillment services can get started by completing a quick fulfillment inquiry form. Our team will review and determine whether our print fulfillment services match the business needs. Once approved, customers can begin enjoying the benefits of global printing services immediately.

How JONDO GO’s Ordering Portal Works

Our JONDO GO platform allows customers to manually order any of our products, to be delivered globally through regional manufacturing. There are never any fees or ongoing subscriptions. Ordering is as easy as uploading a file, selecting a product and completing payment with a credit card. When JONDO receives the order, our automated system directs it to the manufacturing facility closest to the end-consumer. This regional fulfillment model ensures reduced shipping distances, costs, and turnaround times. Since our processes are standardized, customers can expect the same level of quality every time, from any of our locations across the globe.

Another advantage of JONDO GO is that customers can easily reorder products from previous purchases. This is ideal for businesses that have repeat content. Customers can also proactively upload files and categorize them into albums, making future purchases easier.

Does your business need more than just white-label branding? JONDO GO offers the ability to leverage our premium branding features, at no additional charge. With fully customizable packing slips, card inserts, and packaging stickers, JONDO can help get your brand as much exposure as possible.

The JONDO Difference

Providing the best possible global printing services to all customers is our highest priority. We recognize the needs and unlimited potential of companies large and small. Building relationships with our customers is of paramount importance to us. With our wide selection of print on demand products, you can access global markets that might otherwise be out of your reach. At JONDO, we are committed to growing your business. If you are interested in applying for JONDO GO or have any additional questions regarding JONDO GO, please contact us & we will be glad to assist.

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