Grow E-Commerce Capabilities With Print on Demand Dropshipping

Print on Demand Dropshipping Will Help Your ECommerce Presence


If you want to provide high-quality personalized gifts and other print on demand products for your customers, dropshipping companies can help you optimize your offerings, meet consumer demand, and maximize ROI. Consider how your business can benefit by connecting with JONDO.

The Benefits of Dropshipping Products 

One potential benefit of using a dropshipping company includes not having to keep up with inventory. This saves you the stress of trying to keep your warehouse stocked, especially during the busy holiday season. Additionally, if a particular product doesn’t “take off” as you had expected, you’re not stuck with the challenge of trying to sell unwanted items left over from a bulk order. On-demand print fulfillment enables you to scale orders according to your needs, allowing you to make the most of available resources.

Offer Custom Printed Products at Competitive Prices

When you utilize print on demand services, you can increase your revenue without risk of inventory. When customers use JONDO for print fulfillment, the products are produced on-demand and sent directly to the consumer. Since you don’t have to order in bulk, there are no minimum order requirements to worry about.

Dropshipping Increases Efficiency 

Since consumers receive products directly from print on demand companies like JONDO, you’re spared the hassle of making multiple trips to the post office. This minimizes disruptions to your e-commerce business, especially during the holidays when schedules are packed and every minute counts.

A Faster Time to Market

With on-demand printing, you do not have to worry about long lead times associated with bulk orders. Orders can be fulfilled as they are placed by your consumers. Using JONDO, consumers typically receive their products within one week from the time of order throughout the entire year.

JONDO: Global Company with a Local Reach

At JONDO, we serve a variety of e-commerce businesses. With multiple locations around the world, we work with local communities by helping them tap into markets that might otherwise be out of their reach. We prepare print on demand products at the site closest to the end consumer. This expedites shipping times which is a plus this time of year when many print fulfillment companies experience delays due to high order volumes. Recently, when one of our sites lost power, our other facilities were able to fulfill those orders so we could meet the consumers’ expectations. At JONDO, we’re committed to helping you grow your e-commerce venture– not just during the holidays, but all year long.

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