How Do Packaging and Shipping Contribute to Green Printing and Fulfillment Services?

Packaging and Shipping Matter


Amid growing concerns about climate change and diminishing natural resources, preserving the environment is at the forefront of public consciousness. Increasingly, consumers are seeking out businesses that minimize their carbon footprint through sustainable practices. Adopting eco-friendly practices not only demonstrates that you’re looking out for the community but can also be cost-effective. At JONDO, our packaging and green printing processes allow us to pass cost-savings directly to our customers. Here’s what makes us unique.

Reduced Packaging for Green Printing

Over recent months, we have changed the packaging for our smaller sizes of canvas. We use folder boxes that are only slightly larger than the actual print. This new green packaging reduces the use of cardboard and wrapping tape as well as lowering shipping costs. While being eco-friendly and cost-effective, we have worked hard to ensure that our canvas quality remains uncompromised.

We have also strategically designed our large boxes to avoid oversized surcharges to provide our customers with the most favorable shipping methods we can achieve.


All of our packages can be recycled after they’ve been used, considerably reducing waste products. We also have multiple global printing locations in the US and abroad, which help us further reduce our carbon footprint. By having production at facilities close to where our end customers are, less transportation is used thereby reducing our carbon output. This also has the added benefit of reducing shipping costs. Our multiple locations enable us to send packages using local shipping across the globe.

What is Green Printing?

In our green printing processes, we use water-based inks that do not pose hazards to the environment. Because we can print on demand with solvent-free products, our prints improve indoor air quality by reducing possible exposure to airborne chemicals. Our safe, eco-friendly print fulfillment techniques have earned us the GreenGuard Gold Certification, reflecting that our printing services contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

Conserve Energy with Custom Printing

Our print on demand processes conserve energy, too. We use HP Energy Star® latex printers because they’re designed to minimize the environmental impact of printing services. A voluntary program of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Energy Star® certifies products that demonstrate superior energy efficiency. HP printers and related certified products are designed with end-to-end sustainability in mind, and this designation is widely-recognized. Our green printing processes ensure that we make optimal use of raw materials to avoid squandering precious resources.

Environmental printing contributes to an eco-conscious culture within your business and gives your customers peace of mind. At JONDO, we’re dedicated to providing sustainable printing solutions that help you grow your business without compromising our commitment (or yours) to making a difference.

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