JONDO Proud to Announce New Print On Demand Fulfillment Facility in Dallas, Texas

Dallas Welcomes JONDO Print Fulfillment Facility


We are proud to welcome a new 74,000 sq ft Print On Demand Fulfillment Facility in Dallas, Texas to the JONDO Family. This is the fifth standardized JONDO print facility in the United States and will allow us to provide custom printed photo and art products across the Midwest, Southwest, and Southeastern United States with reduced shipping times.

Why a Print On Demand Factory in Texas?

Texas is centrally located in the country, making it an ideal location from which to serve the large populations in these states. Our new print facility in Texas is located near both Dallas Fort Worth Airport & the FedEx distribution hub ensuring that we are able to maximize efficiency.

Expand Your Business Growth

Currently, JONDO has facilities on the east and west coasts of the United States. By adding a production facility centrally located in the country, we are able to increase capacity and reduce overall transit times. Once production officially begins before the holiday season this year, we will have over 200,000 sq ft of manufacturing space in the United States to accommodate your business growth.


Headquartered in Yorba Linda, Calif., JONDO is a global print-on-demand company with more than 30 years of experience producing photo products and wall decor on canvas, paper, metal, acrylic and more. We specialize in producing high-quality, personalized printed products with strong customer appeal. JONDO provides our customers the ability to reach new markets around the world through an expanding number of facilities located around the world, currently located in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Mexico City, Vancouver, Toronto, London, Barcelona, Honolulu, and Melbourne. JONDO is ‘built to scale,’ with production work automatically distributed to its 11 standardized, regional factories providing elegant logistics solutions. JONDO’s unique print and distribution processes ensure consistent high-quality regardless of fulfillment location. For more information, please visit

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