The Different Types of Canvas Prints

Unique Canvas Prints


Once you’ve printed your favorite photos, it’s time to show them off. There’s more than one way to display custom canvas prints, so feel free to get creative. And if you want your canvas picture prints to have an uninterrupted look, consider having them gallery-wrapped around a wooden frame. Here are some suggestions for hanging your canvas wall art.

Framed Canvas

Multi-Panel Split (Diptych, Triptych, etc.)

With this method, photos span horizontally across multiple panels. The multi-panel split may be an especially smart choice if you want to print one image across multiple canvases, or if you have several images that naturally go well together.

Cluster Canvas

Make your own “gallery wall” with cluster canvas. You can group your favorite photos together so they’re all in the same place. This is a popular choice for displaying family photos and other cherished memories. You can select from a variety of layouts to achieve the effect that’s right for you. Add a frame or a decorated border to your large canvas prints for a little extra style.

Cluster Canvas Prints

Traditional Canvas

For a more traditional look, you can place individual photos in a frame to add depth to your favorite portraits and landscapes. For your personalized canvas prints, choosing a nice frame is a great way to make a statement. JONDO offers hand-crafted Italian framing for canvas prints.


The panoramic style is especially well-suited for capturing the entirety of scenic landscapes. Panoramic photos are a wise choice for large canvas prints if you have a lot of wall space to work with or you’re trying to fill long, narrow spaces.

Panoramic Canvas

Custom Canvas Printing

At JONDO, we provide a variety of custom-printed products, including custom canvas prints. With multiple locations across the globe, we process your order at the site closest to you, saving time and shipping costs. It is JONDO’s mission to practice sustainable processes in every way we can in order to minimize our carbon footprint. By minimizing shipping distances and using water-soluble inks, we strive to protect the communities we serve. Our automated platform makes for seamless ordering, and our standardized processes keep prices reasonable while delivering maximum, consistent quality.

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