The Benefits of a Canvas Digital Print for Wall Art

Unique Wall Art Using Canvas Digital Prints


From the first scrapings on cave walls thousands of years ago, we’ve come a long way to be able to digitally preserve and display our wall art. Photo printing techniques have advanced a long way since the pinhole camera and so have the ways we display images. Canvas digital prints have allowed high-quality photographs to be displayed as wall art that is just as impressive and visually pleasing as paintings on canvas have been for the past 600 years. 

Canvas Digital Print as Works of Art

Canvas digital prints have the benefit of both depth and texture. Similar to the difference between painting on paper and painting on canvas, the difference between a custom paper print and a canvas digital print adds texture, depth, and durability to whatever image you end up displaying on canvas. The color vibrancy and durability of a canvas print outstrip the same image on many other mediums.

Canvas is Cost Efficient

Not only will the same image last longer on canvas, but creating large prints on canvas can actually be more cost-efficient than producing large prints on other mediums. While paper prints are less expensive to produce initially, they are generally more expensive to protect and display. In addition to needing a frame, paper prints are usually protected in a glass case, which depending on the size of the digital print, can be very costly.

Increased Durability with Printed Canvas

Canvas digital prints are far more durable than paper prints for a variety of reasons.  Canvas wall art uses high-quality inks that last due to their archival properties.  This means that canvas digital prints will last a lifetime and maintain the vibrancy of a freshly printed piece much longer than the paper alternative. Some traditional canvas manufacturers may use varnish as a coating, but JONDO is able to bypass that process due to our unique print technology and inks.

Use Canvas Digital Print to Create Larger Images

Canvas prints excel when it comes to maintaining detail and resolution even when increasing the size of your wall art. People often use multiple panels known as diptychs or triptychs for visual interest or to fill a larger space. The flexibility to create large canvas digital prints and complementary panels is something that is unmatched. When you want to create large, detail-oriented and personalized wall art, you should consider using canvas digital prints as your medium.


Canvas digital prints give you flexibility, quality, and durability. While different images and situations call for different mediums, using canvas prints for wall art will be a relevant and beautiful way to preserve your favorite images for a lifetime. Contact JONDO to learn more about print fulfillment.


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