The JONDO Difference: Scaling Your Business This Holiday Season

JONDO Helps Businesses During the Holiday Season


With the holidays right around the corner, businesses are bracing themselves for an influx of orders as people get their Christmas shopping underway. Having access to the right tools and print fulfillment services is critical to scaling a business, especially during this time of year. For companies that create personalized print on demand products, finding an on-demand fulfillment service is vital. Consider how “the JONDO difference” can help you scale your business.

Scaling Your Business Starts WIth Automated Ordering

Inventory management is one of the biggest hurdles emerging businesses face in scaling a business. JONDO’s proprietary software system makes it especially convenient to place and manage orders. Additionally, we understand that highly-successful businesses aren’t created overnight. JONDO is equipped to work with companies of all sizes. Aside from our deeper API integration, customers can integrate into our software system through services such as OrderDesk. For customers who need quick ordering without an integration, we also offer an order portal called JONDO GO.

Another advantage of our automated platform is that it allows you to order only the quantity of products you need. There are no minimum order requirements to meet, and we’re equipped to handle the larger order volumes that occur during peak seasons.

Standardized Print Fulfillment Processes, Multiple Locations

Our 10 print facilities across the globe use standardized processes for on-demand fulfillment, so you can expect the same level of quality with every order, no matter the location. When you place an order, it’s automatically sent to the manufacturing center closest to the end consumer, allowing for lower shipping costs, faster turnaround times, less environmental impact, and highly-satisfied customers. Our global presence also enables you to target more markets without a huge investment, giving you a considerable advantage in scaling your business.

Additionally, this network of standardized print on demand facilities allows us to have redundancy.
In an event where one factory may be temporarily constrained due to overwhelming demand or to natural disaster, we are able to route orders to the next closest facility to accommodate for the situation and thus still achieve our SLA with our customers during these situations. The JONDO print network ensures there is a backup plan, which is especially crucial during peak seasons.

More Than a Business: Build Personal Relationships

At JONDO, we pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers. By getting to know them, we can anticipate their needs and partner with them to grow their businesses. We also gain insight on how to improve our selection of print on demand products to give customers what they really want.

Scaling Your Business This Holiday Season

At JONDO, we understand that running a business can be challenging, especially during the holidays. Our commitment to superior on-demand fulfillment makes scaling your business as seamless as possible so you can optimize operations– and your potential to keep growing.

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