Color is Emotion. Emotion Drives Sales.

How Color Influences Emotion and Sales


JONDO began as a fine art printer in California, which is why we understand the power of color. The human brain is wired to relate what we see to what we feel at a given moment in time. This includes color, which is why color evokes emotion. When producing personalized photo gifts, reproducing the images’ true colors is extremely important as it stirs customers’ emotions, bringing them back to the pictured event and how they felt.

A Rich History in the Printing Business

Here at JONDO, we pride ourselves in providing quality printing that keeps our customers coming back for more. Our expertise draws from over 3 decades of experience offering B2B  printing services. Many growing, highly-successful companies hail from humble beginnings. JONDO is no exception as our innovations led the way for what became known as the photo giclée art form. We developed this process to allow artists to create accurate reproductions of their work while preserving the originals.

From our beginning, we’ve leveraged our extensive knowledge with evolving technologies and standardized processes to become the global, gold standard in print fulfillment for small businesses. We continue to expand our product offerings, which range from canvas and acrylic prints to custom pillows and phone cases.

Color Accuracy Equates to Happy  Customers & Re-orders

When the colors in a canvas print capture the sentiment tied to that occasion, your company creates a connection with your consumer based on the emotion they remember. JONDO helps you to create that connection, which opens the door to both happy customers as well as future sales.

Quality photo reproduction is a win-win for everyone involved. At JONDO, our superior print fulfillment services enable clients to drive sales around the world. With ten facilities across six countries, JONDO gives your business the opportunity to benefit from global reach and expand your sales into various international markets. With the help of our dropship printing services, you can establish trust with your customers and create a positive impression. To discover how quality print reproduction can help you drive sales, contact a JONDO team member today.

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