5 Trending Products to Add to Your Catalog in 2021

Customers are Looking for These 5 Products

Online ordering is at an all-time high, and personalized printed products make great gifts for any occasion. Now is a great time of the year to test new markets with new product types and options. This will allow you to cater to your customers in new ways, now and in time for upcoming holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. Here are 5 items to expand your product offerings and add to your product catalog in 2021.

1. Canvas Cluster Prints

Invite your customers to turn their homes or offices into customized galleries with canvas cluster prints. Cluster prints make it possible to create eye-catching collages that can be added to over time and rearranged to create just the look your customers want. Cluster prints also make for a fun art project, getting the whole family involved in choosing which photos to include and how to set them up.

Canvas cluster prints | JONDO

2. Blankets

Give your customers the opportunity to create a functional piece of art with custom-printed blankets — available in velveteen fleece and plush sherpa. The size of the blankets makes them ideal for displaying high-resolution images and photo collages. Custom-printing allows your customers to give an otherwise ordinary blanket some personality.

Blankets | JONDO

3. Pillows

Your customers will enjoy being able to custom-design printed pillows for themselves and those on their gift list. Our standardized processes allow for high-quality imaging, including one-sided or double-sided printing. We use top-notch materials — canvas, faux suede, and linen — to capture the best attributes of images and add an element of warmth and coziness.

Personalized pillows | JONDO

4. Peel & Stick Products

There are probably as many creative applications for peel & stick prints as there are possibilities for designing them. These decorative graphics can be used anywhere — on a bulletin board, notebook cover, and more — and don’t require any hanging hardware for attaching to walls. Peel & stick prints are also especially great for signage applications such as announcements in personal and business settings. They are repositionable and can be re-applied for different use cases. Our peel & stick products are available in 100% polyester sheen for maximum clarity.

Peel and stick prints | JONDO

5. Metallic Prints

Metal prints afford excellent image clarity and detail. Printing with a metallic finish gives photos and other graphics a pearl-like luster for extra depth and sophistication. These prints are especially suitable for accentuating the finer points of architecture, landscapes, and seascapes. When printed with the right content such as those mentioned here, metallic prints are a unique medium for your customers’ walls. JONDO’s metal prints are ready to hang with a pre-installed wood mounting on the backside of the print.

Metallic prints | JONDO

At JONDO, we’re always improving upon and expanding our product offerings so you can do the same for your customers. We help businesses large and small consistently exceed their customers’ expectations. Contact a JONDO team member today to start offering your customers these 5 products and more.

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