Regional Manufacturing is a Solution to Supply Chain Disruptions

Overcome Global Supply Chain Disturbances

Major retailers typically get their products from overseas by utilizing a global supply chain. In light of global shipping disturbances, retailers can not receive their products in a timely manner or at the typical costs they are accustomed to. Let’s take a look at what is happening to cause these disruptions and how it is affecting retailers.

Suez Canal Blockage

What is Causing Global Supply Chain Disturbances?

The COVID-19 global pandemic has caused an aftershock that has impacted the shipping industry. Major ports, like the Yantian Port in China, have been overwhelmed, causing a chain reaction of delays around the world. These delays were compounded by the recent Suez Canal blockage, in which a ship got stuck for 7 days, costing the trade industry $9.6 billion each day. Closer to home, the United States is experiencing port congestion as well with dozens of ships waiting to unload at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports on a regular basis. These ports account for one-third of US imports and normally only have one ship in waiting. Simply put, the shipping industry is experiencing many difficulties. It may be some time before the industry returns to a normal flow of container ships. For now, container prices are rising and delays continue.

Busy shipping port

What is Diversification of Supply Chains?

As a retailer, having products on your shelves is crucial for commercial success and retaining customer loyalty. Many big box retailers are struggling to maintain inventory of products in their stores or warehouses and are having difficulties getting them due to shipping delays and increased prices.

Retailers need alternative fulfillment to account for situations of disruption. This diversification allows their customers to continue to purchase and receive their products in a timely manner. JONDO is a print on-demand regional manufacturer that can help big box retailers fulfill their online wall art orders.

Empty shelves at a big box retailer

Regional Fulfillment is Another Way for Big Box Retailers to Diversify

Currently, retailers have to purchase large containers filled with products from overseas , of which a large percentage may not be sold. With 11 standardized facilities across 6 countries, JONDO can route large bulk orders to our closest production facility for fast regional fulfillment. There is no commitment to a large container, risk of excess product inventory, or long delays.

Backed up warehouse

JONDO is here to help big box retailers fulfill wall decor orders that have been affected by global supply chain disruptions. Contact a JONDO team member today to see how you can get started with us.

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