Why the UK is a Great Place to Market Custom Products

Personalized Products Are Desired in the United Kingdom

In the next year, the personalized gift market in the UK is expected to reach £1 billion. Businesses are growing through made-to-order products, with many of their customers willing to spend up to 20% more for a product that has been customized. Consumers want goods that have been designed for themselves, for their friends and family members.

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eCommerce is Booming in the UK

Custom products in the UK are currently booming, in part because Great Britain is increasingly purchasing products online. UK users are tech-savvy — and younger users are more likely to purchase goods through personalization services. The UK presently has the most advanced eCommerce market in Europe, and has secured third place on the ‘10 Largest eCommerce Markets in the World by Country’ list. Millennials and GenZ are starting to encapsulate a significant portion of the consumer spending market and are far more likely to invest in personalized products. Giving your customers the option to customize gifts is a great way to boost sales in the UK.

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Post-COVID Recovery

Back on track to normalcy, the UK is set to have a stronger recovery after COVID than originally thought. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the UK’s economy is likely to grow 7.2% in 2021. The UK Chancellor (Treasury) Rishi Sunak attributed the strong recovery forecast to the successful UK vaccine roll-out and the government’s Plan for Jobs. With this impending economic growth, companies should be prepared to sell custom products in the UK.

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What is Brexit, and Does It Impact UK Fulfillment?

Brexit is short for “British Exit”, and is the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, a political and economic conglomerate of 28 countries. This means that the UK is now free to set its own trade policies and is able to negotiate deals with other countries. Namely, it’s important to work with a UK manufacturer — goods produced in and sold to UK consumers are not subject to the taxes and levies that international products are. Manufacturing in the UK makes it possible for companies with custom printed products to target markets within the growing UK economy.

For more questions regarding JONDO UK and Brexit, please visit our dedicated Brexit FAQ page.

The UK Economy is Still Growing

The UK economy continues to grow rapidly during the Brexit transition. The UK economy will enjoy its fastest growth in more than 70 years in 2021 as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, according to the Bank of England. As a result, consumer confidence is exceptionally high. This opens the door for the marketing of custom printed goods and other consumer-focused products.

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Fast & Easy Shipping Within the UK

JONDO UK uses a combination of Royal Mail and FedEx services. With those carriers, we can deliver to an estimated 70% of destinations the next day. These shipping providers have been servicing the United Kingdom for decades and are the go-to solutions for ecommerce businesses shipping to consumers on the island. As an example, Royal Mail has continued to grow steadily for parcel volume and recently announced that parcel volumes grew by 48%. Royal Mail and FedEx continue to make necessary investments into the future, to support its continued parcel growth and on time deliveries.

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Offer Custom Printed Products To More Customers

Clearly, online purchasing is a trend that’s rapidly gaining momentum in the United Kingdom. If you offer custom printed products and would like to tap into UK markets, JONDO has the resources to help. With a large facility in Hampshire, we provide domestic print fulfillment so you can offer the fast and affordable personalized service your customers expect and deserve. The JONDO UK facility manufactures the global products such as canvas prints, paper prints, acrylic prints, rigid signs, phone cases in addition to other regional products. Contact a JONDO team member today to see how you can tap into UK markets.

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