Sustainable Practices as a Print On Demand Company

As a POD (Print On Demand) company, JONDO is committed to environmentally friendly business practices. We strive toward a greener way of manufacturing through the technologies and workflow we employ and instill the culture within our company.

A Standardized, Global Network of Regional Facilities

JONDO utilizes ten regional facilities in key markets across the globe for manufacturing. This distributed model of manufacturing allows us to fulfill orders closer to the end-user while greatly reducing transportation emissions as compared to shipping everything from one centralized facility. The end result is that JONDO is able to reduce 3,000 tons of carbon yearly. For reference, the average U.S. household has an annual carbon footprint of approximately 48 tons.

Sustainable Practices as a Print On Demand Company | JONDO

Sustainable Manufacturing

JONDO adheres to Lean Manufacturing principles that allow us to optimize our procedures and practices to focus on reducing waste and only using materials on-demand. This begins with our raw materials. JONDO is one of the few manufacturers that source wood from FSC certified sustainable forests. For every tree harvested, one or more additional trees are planted or allowed to regrow naturally. These trees are also cultivated in a way that allows us to maximize the yield of stretcher bars. Additionally, JONDO uses our own specially formulated canvas that even meets the most stringent Prop 65 standards set by California.

Sustainable Practices as a Print On Demand Company | JONDO

Our workflow incorporates the use of Water-based Latex inks, which are non-hazardous, non-toxic, and non-flammable. These inks are UL certified GREENGUARD GOLD based on the high air quality standards used for hospitals and schools, thereby reducing a variety of environmental, health, and safety concerns.

Sustainable Practices as a Print On Demand Company | JONDO

In addition to our regional manufacturing model, our shipping logistics are geared toward green manufacturing. JONDO uses 28% less cardboard than the industry standard through custom boxes created with recycled materials designed to fit each product size and/or order. Specialized machinery in all facilities help us to reduce the use of tape, plastic, and other packaging materials for shipment.

Green Company Culture

JONDO believes it is important to incorporate green practices not only in our manufacturing processes but also within our internal company culture and operations. All of our facilities offer water refill stations so that employees can replenish their reusable bottles. This saves the equivalent of 200,000 plastic water bottles annually. Several of our facilities incorporate a community garden, where employees can grow seasonal fruits and vegetables. By growing our own food and composting, we help eliminate the chemicals that not only pollute the food we eat, but also the air we breathe. At our headquarters location, we are piloting electric vehicle charging stations.

Sustainable Practices as a Print On Demand Company | JONDO

Net-Zero Emissions

As our CEO & Founder, John Doe, states, “Our commitment to green printing will continue to require research and testing, not only with the facilities we open, but with the machinery we use and the software that drives the workflow.” JONDO is committed to becoming the first carbon neutral print-on-demand company on a global basis. This is a goal we are continuously investigating and implementing ways to achieve.

Sustainable Practices as a Print On Demand Company | JONDO

For some, sustainable manufacturing may be an afterthought, but at JONDO, we believe it to be an important part of our identity. We strive to offer our customers high-quality photo products, produced on demand, through the most environmentally-friendly and efficient processes possible.

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