JONDO GO: POD Fulfillment During Q4

Reliable Print & Fulfillment Services

For most eCommerce companies, Q4 is the busiest time of year. Making sure customers receive their high-quality personalized products in a timely fashion is absolutely necessary. JONDO GO makes it easy to connect regardless of your business size.

What is JONDO GO?

JONDO GO is a simple to use self-service portal for placing manual dropship orders. This is a great solution for e-commerce merchants like you who may not have software development resources or are looking to expand product lines as it gives you access to the full JONDO product catalog. JONDO GO is your connection to our 11 global factories that handle the production, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping aspects of your business to deliver high-quality products on time.

JONDO GO: POD Fulfillment During Q4

Easy File Upload

Another key component of JONDO GO is allowing you to upload any type of finished image file (.jpg, .png, .pdf). Our proprietary software will automatically prepare your image to be print ready for production. This is ideal for users who may require assistance with print-ready files. During the product edit process, you can crop and resize your image to ensure a perfect final product that can be previewed on screen before sending it to print.

JONDO Go: POD Fulfillment During Q4

Bulk Ordering Made Easy

JONDO GO now offers the capability to place bulk orders through a .CSV file. This feature is best utilized by more technical users and those comfortable working with data. Contact a JONDO team member to inquire about bulk ordering via JONDO GO.

JONDO Go: POD Fulfillment During Q4

Quick Order Feature

JONDO GO also offers the ability to easily drag and drop multiple images at a time to create your products via our Quick Order feature. This enables you to rapidly build many products in a short time through a user-friendly interface.

Reorder Feature

To allow your business to scale, JONDO GO offers the ability to easily replicate previously placed orders via your user account. Simply select the order to re-order within your account, make any changes, and submit.

JONDO Go: POD Fulfillment During Q4

Branding Options

JONDO GO offers premium branding options and white label branding. Premium branding options allow you to customize a packaging sticker, marketing insert, and packing slip with your company branding. White label branding means that there are no JONDO logos or any type of branding on the items, packaging, or shipping materials. The packing slip is simple and there is no information concerning the manufacturer or pricing. This type of branding is ideal for reselling products.

Expand Your Customer Reach

With ten facilities strategically placed across six countries, JONDO has global reach through our regional fulfillment model. With our proprietary cloud-based system we automatically distribute production to the standardized facility closest to your customer. This model allows you to reach your customers in other countries faster at a lower cost. You can offer products globally with JONDO as your partner.

For an in-depth look at all of the JONDO GO features, view the video below.

JONDO is here to make sure you provide reliable service and quality products to your customers, no matter the season. Contact a JONDO team member today to see how you can get started with JONDO GO.

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