JONDO Launches Wall Tiles

JONDO is proud to announce the launch of our new wall tiles. These 8 inch (203.2 mm) x 8 inch (203.2 mm) framed prints with a magnetic backing are designed for simple and easy creation of a wall gallery of art or photography.

JONDO Launches Wall Tiles | JONDO

Elevating the Wall Tile Photo Product Category

Wall tiles from JONDO feature a unique magnetic backing that allows for easy mounting and flexible re-positioning. Simply adhere the magnetic backing to a clean wall surface, and attach the print on top. With this system, users can estimate placement of the magnetic backings before making fine adjustments to print placement afterward. This nail-free installation prevents wall damage. A desktop stand is also incorporated into the frame design for tabletop display.

JONDO Launches Wall Tiles | JONDO

JONDO offers wall tiles in three mediums: premium gloss canvas, matte canvas, and semi gloss paper. These high quality substrates elevate the appearance of the product while giving users flexible options. Made from lightweight industrial plastic, wall tile frames are available in black, white, and grey. Wall tiles feature the signature JONDO high quality that encompasses all of our products.

Designed for Photo Gallery Walls

Photo wall tiles come in an optimized 8 inch (203.2 mm) x 8 inch (203.2 mm) square size. Utilizing the magnetic backing design, this allows for simple building of photo galleries. For example, a 5×5 grid of wall tiles could display a captivating photo collage while a 2 row by 5 column set of wall tiles could display fun memories from a family’s travels.

JONDO Launches Wall Tiles | JONDO

A Perfect Fit for Home or Office

Art is an excellent use case for wall tiles. Digital art as well as traditional art would make for great pieces to be printed in this format. With the advent of art coming out of the NFT space, wall tiles make an excellent product for creators to bring their projects into real life. The square format of JONDO wall tiles allows NFT collections to be displayed cohesively as a whole.

JONDO Launches Wall Tiles | JONDO

The gallery nature of wall tiles can also be leveraged for brand and marketing use. From a collage wall showing a brand’s logo and colors in an office space to marketing materials for an event presence, the possibilities are endless.

JONDO Launches Wall Tiles | JONDO

An Excellent Addition to Your Product Offerings

Wall tiles from JONDO make for a great complementary product to other photo products like canvas prints. Positioned as a lead product, wall tiles can be used to expand your marketing to reach new consumers. It is a new type of product different from other traditional prints to give your customers more options.

JONDO Launches Wall Tiles | JONDO

Fulfillment With JONDO

JONDO is a global print on demand fulfillment company with over 30 years of experience in fine art and consumer photo product reproduction. We currently operate 10 strategically located production facilities around the world, which enable quick, reliable logistics backed by a standardized workflow. Contact us today to learn more about fulfillment for photo wall tiles and other popular photo product categories such as canvas prints, custom pillows, personalized blankets, and more.

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