Textile Production: How We’ve Grown & Where We’re Going

A lot can happen in five years. At JONDO, we’ve experienced tremendous growth in that relatively short time frame. We’ve expanded our product offerings and production facilities, especially in the realm of textiles. These custom printed items are popular choices for gifts and home decor. Here’s how we’ve grown our textile production over the last half-decade.

Manufacturing Facility | JONDO


Just over five years ago, our journey into textiles began with custom pillows, and our efforts were met with great success. We now have pillows and cushions available in canvas, faux suede, and linen. Printing special quotes or images on these fabrics adds a personal touch that gives them a style all their own. Our Sacramento and Dallas facilities are equipped with pillow-filling machines that allow us to optimize on demand production.

Pet Pillow | JONDO

Pet Bandanas

JONDO began offering pet bandanas in 2019. Since many people consider their furry, four-legged companions to be one of the family, personalized pet bandanas are a smart choice for the cat or dog lovers in your life. This is a fast growing product category, and we are proud to offer pet bandanas in 3 sizes on a soft linen fabric.


JONDO launched its face mask product in response to the need for face coverings as a safety measure when out in public in accordance with government and health authority regulations. As masks have become a regular part of our everyday wear, they have become another part of individual fashion as well. To keep in step with this growing trend, JONDO’s personalized printed masks offer your consumers the ability to add their own style. Masks are offered in a soft breathable fabric with an adjustable elastic band.

Face Mask | JONDO


This year, JONDO launched blankets as a product category in the fall. Blankets are offered in plush sherpa and velveteen fleece fabrics. These premium quality fabrics allow for your consumers’ images to really shine. Due to the size of blankets, this is a great product for high resolution images or photo collages. It’s also great to think of a photo blanket as not just a blanket, but a large piece of art.

Sherpa Blanket | JONDO

Facilities Specializing in Textile Production

To accommodate current demand and make way for future growth, we’ve expanded our textile production facilities. Our automated, standardized processes ensure maximum quality of print fulfillment with every order. We use the latest innovations and technologies to fulfill orders for businesses large and small.

Textile production began in our Sacramento facility in 2015. We’ve since grown and expanded that production line and applied the experience to our newest facility in Dallas. In addition to the existing canvas prints and wall art production lines that were already in place, we’ve added a new dedicated textile production line in response to the growing demand. Due to its central location and proximity to the city’s FedEx distribution hub, this site has seen exponential growth—a pattern that we expect will continue for years to come.

Pillows | JONDO

With a bright future ahead, we’re excited to explore new possibilities in textile production. Leveraging this thriving sector will allow us to expand our product offering so you can expand yours, too. For more questions regarding our textile offerings, please contact a JONDO team member today.

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