Why Australia is a Great Market for Personalized Printed Products

Tap Into a Whole New Market for Personalized Printed Products


In 2011, many young Australians were seemingly falling out of love with one of the world’s biggest brands – Coca Cola. Many of whom had not drank a bottle of Coke within the past month. To remedy this, Coca-Cola’s marketing agency printed 150 of the most popular Australian names on the bottles and cans of their drinks, which then invited people to “Share a Coke” with their friends and families. 

This stunt was a raging success. That summer, Coca-Cola sold 250 million named products in a country of 23 million people.

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Australians Love Personalized Products

This Coca-Cola campaign is just one example that Australian consumers love the personalized aspect of products. As you extend your B2C (35.6 degrees Fahrenheit) reach, here are some reasons why Australia is such a great market for personalized printed products, as well as why businesses should expand their market reach to include print fulfillment in Australia.


Australia only has 0.3% of the world’s population, but their economy is the 14th largest in the world. Most Australians are very well paid – 30% above the world average, to be specific. This means that Australians have a high level of disposable income, which translates well to personalized products to decorate their walls and homes.

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Online Shopping and Tech

Online shopping has been booming for the Australian economy. US$21.4 billion was spent online in 2019 by Australian consumers. By making shopping virtual and  effortless, businesses have unlocked the key to Australian consumers’ hearts: convenience. 

Australians are very tech savvy and partake in online shopping. 88% of the Australian population are active on the internet, and 85% of the population possess smartphones. This makes online shopping for products super easy, especially while on-the-go, traveling, or commuting.

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Photo Sharing

Photo sharing has become a big part of the Australian lifestyle. Whether it is sharing your morning cup of coffee, the beautiful view you see while on your hike, or fun moments with loved ones, Australians love to share a bit of their life with all of their followers. This extends well to personalized printed products  as it is another avenue for them to share these moments.

About 35% of Australians are active on Instagram, and this is a great place to capture more future business. Whether it is done through organic photo sharing, sponsored posts, or a full social media campaign, making a name for yourself and having consumers associate your product with it is highly valuable.

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Lower Acquisition Costs

In addition to all of the above benefits of marketing your personalized printed products in Australia, there is a lower average cost per acquisition. On average, Australia has a 20% lower cost-per-click than the United States. This can be a great opportunity for companies that are trying to expand their product offerings into new countries while staying on budget for acquiring new customers.

Expansion Can Be Yours

The Australian economy and its population are clearly more motivated to buy products – personalized printed products to be specific – and have the funds to do so. If you are interested in expanding your products to the Australian market, contact JONDO for print fulfillment in Australia. JONDO has a print production facility in Melbourne, Australia. This site manufactures and fulfills for Australia, New Zealand, and other nearby South Pacific Islands. It has the capability for quick expansion into other products.

JONDO entrance | JONDO

We are proud to announce that JONDO Australia has recently acquired a new building in Melbourne for more production capacity in 2021. This new site will allow for Australia’s continued growth as well as allow expansion of its product offering. The purchase of this new building is in direct response to the more than 15x growth we’ve seen in Australia since the location was first established in 2018.

Warehouse of JONDO | JONDO

JONDO has standardized fulfillment facilities around the globe to make order fulfillment faster and easier to get to its end destination. Contact a JONDO team member for more information about the Australia print facility.

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