Tips for Choosing Print on Demand Photo Gifts

How to Choose the Best Photo Gifts


When trying to find the right gift for a friend, family member, or co-worker, it’s easy to make a great impact with a fun, photo-themed item– whether it’s photo books, custom-printed pillows, or personalized phone cases. To make sure you get the best print on demand fulfillment, it helps to know what to look for to ensure high-quality photo gifts. Here are three important points to consider.

Custom Pillows

1. A Wide Selection of Custom Printed Products

While a framed photo can make an excellent gift, it’s even better to have a variety of custom-printed options to choose from. JONDO’s print on demand services go beyond the traditional canvas or paper-printed picture. We help you preserve your favorite memories on banners, custom bags, personalized coffee mugs, towels, and more. You can even personalize posters and pet beds with our superior digital printing and fulfillment services.

JONDO also specializes in textures and finishes to help you achieve the look you want while printing canvas photo prints, paper prints, wall coverings, acrylic prints, and metal print. Here are the different kinds of finishes we have to promote any esthetic you have in mind.

  • A glossy finish enhances the colors and details of photos
  • A matte finish reduces potential glare
  • A metallic finish intensifies colors in a way that creates a unique visual impact
  • A cross between gloss and matte, luster is typically used by professional photographers.

Photo Gifts

2. High-Quality Photo Printing

When you enlist the services of a reputable global printing company, you can expect the same level of quality every time. JONDO uses standardized printing processes to ensure consistent results with every order. Additionally, we have decades of experience in fine art, so we appreciate the importance of bringing out the best attributes of portraits and other print on demand fulfillment projects.

Print Fulfillment

3. Quick Turn Around

Our automated system makes it especially easy to place orders so that you can be certain to receive exactly what you requested. We have multiple locations worldwide, so your order will be processed at the site closest to you or the recipient of your photo gift. This system of regional fulfillment allows us to provide a faster turnaround time, compared to companies with one central location.

At JONDO, we offer an extensive selection of global printing and fulfillment services. Contact us to learn more about our exceptional photo products that consistently exceed customer expectations.

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