Social Media Ideas to Help Grow Your eCommerce Store

Take Your eCommerce Store to the Next Level

Running a small business can be exciting with its challenges. Traditional marketing may not always be the best option, because it usually requires a large budget to see more of a return on investment. There are always new verticals and platforms that can be utilized with a small budget. Here’s how to grow your eCommerce store using social media tactics.

Grab Customers Attention

Instagram is a platform driven mainly by eye-catching visuals. If your eCommerce store offers an aesthetic product, like custom canvas prints or personalized blankets, and you have access to high-quality content, Instagram is ideal. By capturing your audience’s attention with high-quality imagery, they are already halfway through the conversion process. Adding your shop-able instagram posts makes the conversion process extremely easy.

Instagram Shopping App - Social Media Tactics to Help Grow Your eCommerce Store

What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping can make a difference when it comes to conversions. Although users can visit your site through the link in your bio, this adds more steps to the checkout process. This results in a higher likelihood of increased bounce rates and shopping cart abandonment. Instagram Shopping allows users to shop your products directly from your feed, anywhere in the app. You can even customize your Instagram Shop to make it on-brand, which is great for helping small businesses grow.

“70% of shoppers turn to Instagram Shopping for product discovery”

Source via Instagram

Utilize a DropShipping Model for a Younger Audience

TikTok is the newest of all social media platforms and has the youngest age demographic. With 500 million users, it is definitely a platform that should be in the mix when it comes to planning your marketing strategies. To successfully grow your Shopify business on TikTok, you should make sure that you create unique and engaging content, interact with your audience, and run paid ads that are relevant to your product and brand. If you are trying to promote products such as personalized pillows and poster prints on TikTok, it helps to utilize influencer marketing.

Go Where the Audience Is

Using influencers to promote your product is a great marketing strategy. Partnering with creators that align with your brand messaging is a great social media tactic to help grow your business. Influencer content usually has a higher engagement rate because it has an organic look and feel while still promoting a brand and product.

“87% of people say influencers have inspired them to make a purchase”

Source via Instagram

Keep in mind that, while you may want to go for the influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers, smaller influencers actually have better engagement rates (influencermarketinghub), with the engagement rate decreasing as follower count increases.

Micro Influencers - Social Media Tactics to Help Grow Your eCommerce Store

Be Smart With Your Budget

Facebook is the social media platform most companies are familiar with. Utilizing Facebook in your social media campaign is a great way to retarget customers after they have already interacted with your website. With the proper targeting, you can get conversions and clicks with a small ad budget.

You don’t have to break the bank to start marketing and advertising for your eCommerce store. All you need to do is know your audience, show them what you offer, and give them an easy way to buy it. JONDO has been helping small businesses grow for many years with our global product fulfillment model. We allow companies to focus on their marketing and design while relying on JONDO for manufacturing and fulfillment. For more information on our integration model and how to grow your eCommerce store, please contact a JONDO team member today.

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